Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Ragged Reign

Right now, on the opening cusp of the 21st century, we the human race are living in a time that calls for Rebellion and Dissent and Difficult Questions Asked.  We are living through a time in which the ability and desire for meaning-production is being engineered out of us through insidious forms of social gene-therapy.  The centers of our stories are being brutally disemboweled.  Our chymic weddings are being obliterated, or else sleight-of-handed from our immediate use.  Hollow Form is replacing Fantastic Function.  We are being tempted into a never-ending spiral of the most rampant apathy and mercenary mindsets.  It is put upon the visionaries and artists and seekers to rebel against this internecine hegemony.

As I have stated here at Amid Night Suns once before, "I am not a mindless drone, I am not a zombie, I am not a hateful, selfish creature.  I am Magi, Ragged.  Is there a Warrior sleeping in you?  Or is that Warrior already wide awake?  Never lose faith in the majesty and ferocity of the human spirit.  It is God, Love, is the very essence of all of us.  This is my declaration.  This is the Rebellion."  

And this rebellion that I speak of has more than a transient entertainment at its core.  My work on this blog is geared towards more than simply helping those who come here to pass the time.  My work is in service of a new kind of reign - a reign that has a warrior-spirit as its driving force.  I don't take myself too seriously, but I take the work that I do here very seriously indeed.  I take great care in crafting my words and my video-content in the hope that seeds will be planted, seeds that will then take root in some personally adaptive, empowering way.

"Love and Beauty and Passion are all worth fighting for.  In times such as these we must love fiercely, we must perceive more keenly, and we must resist this War being waged on our minds.  Bombs and guns can maim and kill, but the elites real weapons in this war are figurative.  The control of association and context, sleight-of-hand, linguistic evasiveness, and a belief that we the people will sit by and do nothing - that we will pretend we do not see what is happening all around us.  But I for one DO see, as I'm sure you do too." 

In my own way I am attempting to act as an emissary for the Eye of Acuity.  I am attempting to hold the Lucid Line, in order to stop our kith and kin from plunging from the Edge of the World.  I believe in a Reign that has equality, truth-telling and brotherhood as its core principles.  I believe in something other than this Acid Reign we are experiencing now -- a spiritually corrosive reign of elites, oligarchies and sociopaths.  

I believe in a nourishing, healing and fearless reign -- an assemblage of individuals who are willing to ride, shoot straight and speak the truth -- for the betterment of us all.  It's a huge manifesto for a little blog such as mine, but we all have to draw our lines in the sand.  We all have to start somewhere.  In the words of a great mage from the Infinite Myriad of Fiction, to those who seek to corrupt and enslave the human spirit: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS."

So, dear reader, I hope you will join me in helping make manifest the most noble aspects of our consciousness, through art and community and alchemy.  It is a Great Working we are attempting here -- to spread Love, Insight and Empowerment as far and wide as we can, but it is needed now more than ever.  Alone we are but One, but a Multitude is simply many individuals standing together.

Clench your fists, realize your power, and lift your eyes to the Reign.


  1. The warning order is given. Midnight has had his say. Love, Insight, and Empowerment are to be the weapons used to win the day. 'It is put upon the visionaries and artists and seekers to rebel against this internecine hegemony.' Once more you are genuinely implored to find your voices. You are not alone! The Magi fight with and for you!

    Goosebumps on our flesh and raging fires in our hearts tonight, as we grin through gritted teeth and salivate for war. Determination grows as the ranks of the Magi swell.

    Sharpen your minds and your words. Protect the children! Defend the weak and wounded! Speak for the voiceless! Be Love, Passion, and Creativity embodied! This is your destiny...your very humanity.

    Thank you for this post Raj! I'm left with an incredible clarity about my life, and filled with enthusiasm and vigor. So often, I feel that your posts/writing/creations are perfect examples of an artist/warrior setting the stage for his audience to undergo a transformative experience via the art, and this one, for me, is no exception. Little blog or no, that is my definition of great art: It causes me to undergo/facilitates my ability to have a transformative experience. I admire it all the more, as it is an undeniable aspiration of my own. I am Magi. The cause is just, and the war is indeed 'the only one worth fighting.' Thanks for the nod, I'm humbled and smiling! You're the best my friend! Keep up the great work. Power to the Magi.

  2. Thank you, Dave, for such a touching and evocative comment. It's an honor to know you.

  3. This is a beautiful entry- so plainly spoken and concise and true in the deepest sense. This one is worth many a read. These are shocking times when even those most loyal to our government and school given systems cannot deny the abuses heaped upon the weak by the rich and strong. I hope for eyes of clarity and the strength of character to follow through for the benefit of the earth, and it's many broken and weakened inhabitants. Your writings help me to see where to look, and give me a strong defense internally and help me to know of the many kindred hearts. Ragged warriors. We will be needed. Many now are on the cusp of knowing the true situation, and what ever happens will be a testimony and a teaching. I thank you for your clear words of hope and encouragement and for sharing your warrior vision for the protection of the weak and the children. I value your posts.

  4. Thank you for your insights and your kindness, Delorus. It's always appreciated.