Thursday, 13 June 2013

Storm of God

Readers of this blog will be aware that Amid Night Suns is very interested in the connections between Art and Magick.  In my posts I often refer to Art as the Oldest Magick, and this is intended quite literally as well as symbolically.  I am very interested in exploring the interlinked terrain of Psyche, Art and Magick, and have intended to develop a canon with the work done on this blog -- a corpus of exploration and meditation that offers empowerment and insight to those who are seeking.  You might not agree with every detail of my explorations, you may not even find my words or videos personally engaging, but I hope you recognize that the intention behind them is genuine and heartfelt.

I am trying to create a kind of artistic theurgy with my work -- the invocation of 'divine spirits' for the purpose of alchemical-psychological transformation.  I am not as interested in the conventional understanding of henosis -- unity through perfect oneness -- as I am with empowerment through multiplicity; a quickening comprehension of the vast and multi-layered Myriad.  I take the ancient Vedic and Hermetic adage of 'As Above, So Below' very seriously, and while I definitely believe in a kind of mystical interdependent unity, I am far more interested in active insights, feelings and experiences; creativity, passion, excitement and multiple possibilities.  I am interested in empowering the human individual here and now.

I believe that our brains and minds and souls and spirits are qualitative descriptions for the various connected aspects of divine reality -- whether such reality is manifested through a neurochemical, intellectual, emotional or metaphysical context.  I believe that our consciousness is nothing less than the tempest of the true creative force, nothing less than the Storm of God itself.

I believe that unimaginable secrets concerning humanity's true origins and true potential are locked within the genetic code of our DNA.  I believe that, both symbolically and possibly quite literally, a human entity is an infinite lightning strike captured in the bottle of physical reality by Archonic forces.  For me personally, Gnosis and emancipation is not about transcending the flesh -- as I believe our biology was originally intended as a Holy Vessel capable of miracles, before the intervention of unknown forces -- but rather it is about dedication and commitment to the deepest communion possible with the tempest of divinity that still rages at our core.  This communion requires diligence, patience and respect, because divinity in its true form can be dangerous -- just as Magick and  Art can be dangerous -- without the required insight and dexterity required to wield it effectively.  There are no shortcuts to Gnosis or Magick or Art.  All require the best of ourselves; our most concerted effort.  But with enough patience they can show us wonders -- the human heart lit up like a star, and lightning dancing across the surface of a human eye.

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  1. Another thought-provoking essay combined with amazing video production...very well done. This post resonates with 'hope' for me...and I like that very much.