Monday, 8 July 2013

THE BREAKOUT: Survival's Sake

I have been away from Amid Night Suns for a while, dealing with a seemingly-endless amount of bullshit in the workaday world -- struggling to survive and to be there for the ones I love.  Life does feel like a thankless struggle sometimes, doesn't it?  Despite how angry I have been feeling lately, I am also well aware that I am blessed -- or at least exceptionally lucky.  I have friends, family, loved ones and a roof over my head.  I am a Westerner who still has a fair amount of leisure time.  I am not running around in a decimated Third-World country with a Kalashnikov in my hands, fighting a war I don't understand on behalf of some unseen oppressor.  I am fighting my own war -- the War of Imagination.  I am still trying to illuminate, empower and entertain my peers in this little shadowed corner of the Reality-Based High Weirdness Community.

I am still trying to use the power of Art, Magick and Dreams to chart a path for my kith and kin.

Truth be told, I feel angrier than ever, but I'm still attempting to channel that anger into useful places -- into Art and Questioning of the debased, apathetic status quo.  I am not perfect, I am not infallible.  I am a deeply flawed human being with many facets to my character.  But apathy is not one of them.  I still believe in the Gnostic spirit of Escape, Liberation, Emancipation.  We can give the search for Freedom a whole host of names, but the seeking of a greater potential is, I believe, a noble and worthy pursuit -- especially if you are intending to liberate others along the way.

As I've stated before on this blog, a literal apocalypse is not the most pressing issue for mankind.  We should be far more concerned with the internal psychic apocalypse that has occurred and is still occurring within the Former Republic of our Imagination.  We should be concerned with the role that Fear and Cowardice is playing in our world right now.  In my humble opinion the greatest battles we will ever face are the ones fought within the confines of our own consciousness.  We must resharpen our tools and intellectual swords.  We must refocus and strengthen our manifestos, and commune with the deepest parts of ourselves.  We must tell the the Fear, Cowardice and Apathy that may still lurk within us that we see it for what it is, we know where it lives, and that we are coming to destroy it.  We must understand the battles waged within our selves -- I against I -- for our survival's sake.


  1. Rock on Warrior! Love the post, dig the vid! You know I believe this to be the solid truth...spread the word!!! Some of the hardest battles we will ever fight are with ourselves. Those battles must be fought and won, to make one a worthy servant of the Light.

  2. Hi Raj, anger is one of the worst habits we can get in to as a human being. It's much better to get rid of it. Anger is really a manifestation of our attachment to permanence. In the end the world will be what it will be and it is difficult to control such things. We cannot hold the tide back with one hand. Let go of things, flow freely and don't let the world set it's stain on you.

  3. Peace to you my brother (and sisters :-) )
    Been feeling the anger also of late. Great wisdom and insight coming at the right time (as ever) which I have added to my own blog which I hope you dont mind and have added your blog at the end of it as I do not take credit for anothers work. Many hugs and thank you. x