Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Letters to the Demiurge: YOUR HEAVEN AND EARTH

Hello again friends, seekers and lost souls.  Welcome back to Amid Night Suns.  I've been thinking a lot recently about sexuality and creativity, and how the two are fundamentally connected.  This led me to also muse on how the control of human sexuality seems implicit in all forms of oppression and literal or metaphoric slavery.  In line with this, Gnosticism too seems to be concerned with sex in some strange sense. Before I elaborate on these thoughts I'll give my readers a brief outline of Gnosticism.  This is taken from my first Letters to the Demiurge piece, posted last year:

Broadly speaking, the Gnostics believed that the realization of Gnosis (esoteric, intuitive and spiritual knowledge) was the true path to salvation from the brutality of the material world.  They saw the material world as a creation of an intermediary entity -- the Demiurge -- rather than the work of the true Creator. In some Gnostic systems the Demiurge is seen as deeply flawed, in others as the expression of Evil.  Such ideas seemed incendiary to me, and I began to read voraciously on anything that touched on similar themes.  I cross-contextualized between fiction and non-fiction, looking for clues and insight.  I began to realize that human beings did not need an intermediary between themselves and the divine.  Indeed, the direct personal experience of the divine is what seemed to be fueling any serious explorations of the unseen realms.

So, what do I mean when I say that Gnosticism is concerned with sexuality?  Well, it goes far deeper than mere carnality, far deeper than the act of fucking.  I would argue that sexuality is perhaps the most potent aspect of human consciousness -- and is inextricable from the aspects of ourselves that experience creativity or perceive the divine.  When I say sexuality, what I mean specifically is an eroticized appreciation of life and symbol and meaning -- the desire to merge with Meaning and Nuance as well as to create it.  Even in old age this capacity to perceive the erotic still remains with us.  The best aspects of life are intended to arouse us, to kindle a quickening at the heart of us.  When we feel deep passion and arousal for someone or something, and when that passion is requited, we feel a quickening - an experience that is both spiritual and carnal; a uniting of Heaven and Earth.   

Because of this inherent quickening power within human sexuality and creativity, I suspect that any Archonic, enslaving force would want to shut down that open energy-system -- to rule the head, heart and loins with equal dominance.  I would humbly suggest that for the most part the forces controlling our world have severed our most powerful connections to our sexuality and our desire for emancipation.    Isn't that what sex and fucking truly is, when all is said and done -- the desire to be free?

Whether the central concepts of Gnosticism are literal or symbolic, there is much to be gleaned there.  What parts of us remain beyond the clutches of the imagined Archons and the Demiurge?  How do were keep ourselves vital, sacred and erotic under the merciless gaze of the Unholy Father?  How do we hold on to our Spirit, our Love and our Passion?  First of all, we must imagine that such a thing is possible.  And then we must express those dearest traits every chance we get.  We must love and laugh and fuck and seek and learn -- and at the same time we must create.  We must create every chance we get, to remind our consciousness that we are indeed capable, despite what the Archons, Deceivers and Nihilists would have us believe.

There is a part of me that exists beyond the clutches of the Fallen.  There's a part of me that frightens the things that live in the dark.  It's the part of me that absolutely will not stop.

I am still learning, still refining my technique.  It is not simply about my own sense of empowerment, it is about the work.  The work always comes first.  In the War of Imagination there is little time to be idle.  I call this part of me Midnight.  It is my truer self, the part I reveal only to those I think will understand.  I am one of the Ragged Magi -- a hooded sorcerer -- and I am somewhat adept at using sexuality, creativity and magick to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves.

I hope that when you read my words and watch my videos you are also empowered, engaged and quickened.  I hope through my work you are able to feel and understand your own vitality, your own sexuality and creative impetus -- and I hope you are inspired to create magickal workings of your own. Never sit back and accept the control, the oppression and the intellectual slavery.  Use your Art and your Sex and your Magick to comment on what is happening around you, and to change it.

It is my belief that Art is a deeply erotic, quickening and transformative experience.  Use it to speak directly to your oppressors, and to let them know that your magick is more powerful than they can dare to imagine. If you find yourself unable to transform the world around you for the better, know that you are still capable of transforming yourself.  And perhaps, those with open eyes will be touched by your working.


  1. Dear Raj, I just had my husband's memorial get together for our friends here where we live yesterday. It went great and everyone had a good time and we toasted my dear Tom and wished him well on his journey to where we will all follow. I so often think of you and Dave and Chris and send you love out over the ether. I haven't given the time and thought I used to, to your writings but I just now read Your heaven and earth and absolutely agree about the power of the sexual, the quickening, the arousal to free the soul- be it for love or art or what it is that this world needs. I too claim the ragged magi role for myself and in solidarity with you my friend. x back at you- Delorus
    PS I wrote this to you on chat but couldn't figure out how to send it to you....Duhlorus

  2. I like the way you synthesize Art, Sexuality, and Magick, and my own experiences mirror your insights. Something in this post for everyone...