Thursday, 26 September 2013

Midnight Mystery Cult: BEHIND THE FIRE

A witch and a wicked
A black-pedestal thrill
An endless circle stalking 
Of the effervescent kill

Does it dream in red light, like we do?
A fragile tender, lost in our avalanche of words
Buried in the ice-shelf of Hades
We can still see its hands moving
See its lips part beneath the sheen.

It lives with us in the stilted place
A house of codes and ghosts
It wants the mortar and the bricks
To build itself a home
Anything but a haunted, fractured silence
That passes for calm

Our pockets are filled with Halloween jewels
They are pretty, it says, but they all glitter in the same way
A witch wicked stranger
A mind like a knife
Bold in all its answers
A witch wicked life
It burns

1 comment:

  1. I like it...a lot. Sometimes my favorite part of your posts is the prose within the videos. I truly enjoy your poetic style Raj; it resonates for me.