Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Keys of Further

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, and to the third vision in the Innermost Chronicles series.  I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Xmas.  I mean it sincerely, but it might seem cold comfort considering all the madness and horror going on in the world at the moment -- religious fundamentalism, corporate profiteering, war, murder and mayhem.  It’s so huge and complex and disturbing that our minds can scarcely bear to look at it all directly, let alone even begin to process or make sense of it.  For those of you who are like me, far too sensitive to block it all out, I hope my modest blog posts can offer you brief comfort, insight or empowerment.

Often times it hurts to see the truth, to be awake and aware to what’s going on around you.  It’s easy to see why people choose meaningless distraction over meaningful action.  We feel powerless, tiny and insignificant.  Between our workday struggles and complicated private lives we feel we have very little energy to expend on looking at the political, social and spiritual state of the world we’re living in.  We fear to do so will only leave the taste of ashes in our mouths and a sinking feeling in our hearts.  And we are often right in our suspicions.  But the alternative – allowing the Archons, oligarchs and elites to obscure our vision and grind us into apathy – it will only end in more fear, more bloodshed, more controls and curtails of our basic freedoms.  I empathise with that feeling of powerlessness, I really do.  But we must always attempt valiantly to open our eyes to the contexts, hidden agendas and power-dynamics of the world in which we live.  To do otherwise is to invite perdition and to allow the coming of a Perfect Dystopia.

But looking outwards with lucidity at the world is only half the battle.  We also have to gaze inward with the same resolve.  Without this earned Gnosis of who and what you truly are the apparent darkness of the outer realm may well paralyze and consume you.  So how do we gaze inward?  How do we attempt to truly know ourselves?  Well, we seek out and network with compassionate like-minds.  We attempt to build small communities of people who truly desire to understand the numinous, the Innermost – and who desire sincerely to share that strength with others.  People willing to speak for the voiceless, and fight on behalf of the weak and wounded.  This is what humanity is supposed to do, and it’s what we are supposed to be - warriors of truth, of beauty, of the fiercest love.  

But it’s really hard to fight for others when we barely understand ourselves.  I hope that my work at Amid Night Suns can aid you in that understanding.  I hope the Innermost Chronicles can give you a glimpse of the radiant flame within you; that spark of divine light that is your truest and most dynamic expression.  It can grant you armour against the unrelenting horrors and corruptions of this world, whilst allowing your mind and heart to remain open.  It can help you to forge a path through the chaos, through the portals of your own blind-spots and gaps in cognition, and towards a brighter, greater purpose.  

This knowledge has saved my life many, many times.  This Innermost Light can unlock doors and gateways that you didn’t even know were there.   

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Raze the Gods

There are gods, and then there are gods.  One is a religious, metaphysical or spiritual race of deities, while the other seems an oblique group of beings that straddle the darker realms of the numinous and our own tangible world.  These oblique gods are of a different kin, seeming to broker real economic, social and spiritual power on this planet.  Powerful institutions in media, science and religion are being continually revealed as rotten to the very core.  This is currently happening for all the world to see.  But very little seems to be changing.  After all, how do you hold a god accountable or culpable?  Gods have no oversight, and they seem to act unilaterally when it comes to mortal affairs.  They have no accountability except to other gods.  But those are wars in heaven, knowledge of which is unfit for public consumption.  Often gods will tell you that there is no heaven, and no such things as gods.

For those who see economic, social or spiritual power as some kind of nebulous abstraction; this is because they have to a greater or lesser degree forgotten that gods exist.  A close and crucial look at the distribution of these forms of power in our world will garner some valuable insights.  Eventually such analysis of these powers – where they dwell and in what forms – will reawaken in you the knowledge that gods do indeed reside here among us.  Many of them are mortal demigods – flesh and blood like us – but dwelling in an experience so rarefied, insular and devastating that to call them demigods is not an oversimplification.  For these elite predators psychopathology is an artform, and appetite is everything.  No desecration is off-limits.  One war or murder or rape is simply not enough, not in the pursuit of true economic, social and spiritual power over others.  The entire world must be turned inside out to assure their deification and the continuation of their Regent.  And then there are the truly hidden and invisible gods; those who like to hinder and hurt and feed, and who are far more than mortal.  It is these unseen ones who guide, manipulate and whisper in the hearts of their human counterparts.  Gnosticism calls them the Archons.

There is a vast difference between the various gods of antiquity and these Archonic forces that currently control, rule, shape and reshape our world.  Perhaps at some time in history these predator entities took it upon themselves to wear the masks and skins of our gods, to better consolidate and wield power over the dreaming, imagining human race.  Maybe they still do.  But in the modern world our gods have changed somewhat.  Today our gods are leviathan corporations and draconian trade agreements elevated by billionaire disciples and millionaire neophytes.  Our gods are fetishistic complicities, ruinous slaveries and deeply harmful inversions of spiritual truth.  We all seem to be chasing the next chic negation.

Our stories are being defiled, humiliated and swept away by the incoming tide of filth that constitutes the spiritual gravity of these darker gods.  All the violence, chaos and war surrounding us cannot attest otherwise.  It is true that Darkness and Light have always occurred side by side in human history.  It is true that there has always been chaos and depravity, and as a result there has always existed this frightening dynamic between the powerful and the powerless.  But never before has Darkness had such a huge industrialized playground in which to prey.  Never before has our spiritual wisdom been so acutely outmatched by our technological and scientific ability.  Like drunken, shambling gods ourselves we begin down dangerous paths of creation, without accountability or oversight.  And we are ignorant of the things we might bring forth. 

Our ability to tell meaningful stories to one another is being eroded, or else further and further marginalized.  But our appetite for meaningless distraction is growing.  This is a dangerous dynamic.  Violence and violation are becoming acceptable, even rousing.  Mercenaries and pornographers are becoming sexier.  True dissent and activism is becoming more and more frightening.  The lies are becoming more spectacular and ridiculous.  And as a result the Blind Eye is getting harder and harder to turn.

Pathology is not art.  Sociopaths are not true demigods.  The truly powerful are not worthy of your trust, or your submission.  Magick is art.  Truthful and considered creative expression is art.  And it is this expression that is getting harder and harder to protect.  But there is a place within you – within each one of us – that recognizes there is truth in these words.  There is an Innermost within you, full of ferocious intelligence, beauty and wisdom.  It is the Sanctum of the Lucid, a chamber of Living Light that is the source of all that you are.  It remembers everything.  It knows lies from truth.  It understands with great depth and tenderness the complexities of the human experience.  It is this Innermost within you that I seek to connect with in my work.  Amid Night Suns is all about reconnecting, healing and quickening that vast inner cosmology.  It is from this deepest place of truth and love and ingenuity that any battle must be fought.  If the predator demigods and their patrons desire the human soul eternally in bondage – cut off from all true growth – then it is from these very depths of the Innermost that our resistance and rebellion must be waged.  

It’s from here that we must unmask these false gods whilst seeking our spiritual liberation.            

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Anima Noctis

Things are going to change at Amid Night Suns.  I’m going to pull out all the stops.  I’m going to work harder, I’m going to think more creatively, and I am not going to lie down without a fight.  When you’re an Intuitive like me, as well as an artist, your intuitions can often muddy your vision rather than help it.  It’s a kind of psychic burnout, a loss of sharpness and efficacy that comes from being overwhelmed by all the subtler dimensions you are sensing.  When grief or fear or any kind of acute emotional pain stemming from your private life becomes particularly intense, it’s easy to get lost in the psychic maelstrom, the glimpsed intimations of other realities.  It can be incredibly paralyzing, in fact. 

That’s why art is so important.  Sometimes it’s the only thing you’ve got left to hold on to.  Art comforts us, nourishes us, and opens us up to a deeper cognizance of who we really are.  We are stories telling stories.  This is true in a physical and biological sense, as well as a spiritual one.  We are organisations of systems within systems all telling stories to one another, sending energetic signals encoded at varying registers of reality; cosmically, socially and neurologically.  Because art doesn’t just teach us to imagine, or how to imagine, it teaches us how to cohere, how to persevere, how to brave the odds.  Art gives us the discipline and context with which to interact as meaningful and compassionate entities, both individually and as members of a larger system.  This discipline and context is of an order of sophistication beyond what we can rationally comprehend, but we know it is kin.  I have said before at Amid Night Suns that art is the twin of cognition.  You cannot perceive anything without Contrast, Context and Association.  These three things are the fundamental geometries of sentience, bursting open infinitely like a fractal or a flower.  It’s through stories that we muse on what our souls are made of.

I am such a flawed individual, but I try never to be cruel.  I hate bullies, and oppressors all.  I want to connect and uplift others.  I want to give them power somehow.  I despise that the world continues to find itself in such a horrific state of affairs.  The night is endless and the human soul is in chains.  It makes me seethe.  I have always tried to be a guide, despite feeling blind myself much of the time.  I have always tried to help fellow seekers through the liminal places.  I’m nothing special.  I can just see in the dark a little better than others can.

This post is going to be part of a larger system in the Innermost Chronicles series.  My work at Amid Night Suns attempts to explore the inner cosmology of the human imagination, and of Gnosticism itself.  I intend this series to be a further exploration of that charge.  I always try to create magickal sigils with the videos I create – light and sound working in concert to allow a transformational space where the person watching might come to know themselves a little better, might remember something crucial that empowers them.  To feel the uplift, arousal or joy of those you love is a sublime experience, and it’s nice to have helped create that, if only for a few moments.

If I can offer you a gateway, however brief, if I can show you things that make you stronger…then maybe we are not forsaken.  Maybe all the anxiety and pain and suffering recedes for a moment, and we remember who we are.  We remember who we can be.  And if the River of Forget crashes in on us once more, within our most private depths our flame and flower will be glowing a little brighter for that brief glimpse.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Postcards From Magonia

"How will you go back?" said the woman.
"Nay, that I do not know. Because I have heard,
that for those who enter Fairy Land, there is no going back.
They must go on, and go through it."

         - R. Macdonald Robertson
           Selected Highland Tales

Thursday, 11 September 2014

As The Storm Rages

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, dear readers.  The last few months have been especially challenging and chaotic for me personally.  My private life has gone through very trying, frightening periods.  When the health and well-being of the person you hold dearest is tested again and again it's easy to despair.  But I’m always fighting tooth and nail to not give in to such despair.  I go through moments, days or weeks when I fail in that fight.  But I always attempt to dust myself off, reflect and then persevere with even greater conviction.  I fail at this too sometimes.  But failing is not the point.  The point is that each new attempt at success – each new attempt at battling private demons – must be met with a more sophisticated and stronger plan of attack.  It isn’t always easy to do, especially when you feel like you’re groping blindly in the dark.  Those failures demand insight, brutal self-honesty and careful recalibration.

But the fear and uncertainty I've experienced in my personal life recently seems reflected in the world around me at the moment.  The world seems poised at a crossroads or on the edge of some kind of cusp-event.  However, all men see their own private struggles reflected back at them in the stars.  I think it’s just the nature of consciousness and individuation – a metaphysical paradox through which the physical and spiritual dimensions of experience are fundamentally interdependent.  That living link between the personal and the global, between internal and external; it seems like mystical gibberish to some and hard-won common sense to others.  Place your bets and take the ride, I guess.

But I think at times like these, with global chaos unfolding and all sorts of wars waging or looming on the horizon, it’s even more important not to give into despair or apathy.  A certain sobriety of outlook is useful, as is a certain measure of detachment from everything happening around us.  But those things are not the same as complete disengagement, sociopolitically or personally.  It does us no good to pretend we don’t hear those personal demons hissing in the darkness as they search our psyches for wounds or anxieties that they can use as leverage.  Speaking symbolically at the very least, it seems the Archons and power-elites are doing what they have always done – trying to find a million different ways to get us to love all the horror.  And if not love it, then at least getting us to feel semi-comfortable with it.  To battle evil, a certain amount of horror is necessary, right?  But there are various evils, and the most pernicious of them often go unmentioned and intellectually unchallenged.  Corporate, gleaming utopias where warlords wear three-thousand dollar suits and genocides are planned in five-star hotels…this isn’t the stuff of near-future science fiction.  

This is now. 

Most of the Earth’s market is a black market - lawless, corrupt and elitist.  Think about that.  Really think about it.  Most of what happens on this planet is conspiracy.  But it's even more complex than that.  Even at an immediate and personal level every family harbors a conspiracy of some kind, completely unknown to outsiders, or else knowledge of it obfuscated for various reasons.  My point is that secrecy and subterfuge can be both negative and positive.  Even love is a kind of conspiracy, isn’t it?  That old black magic called Love is full of subterfuge and strange intimacies, hidden codes and private interests, certain nuances or subtleties that go unnoticed by others.  What I’m trying to say is that some secrets keep you alive and sane and healthy, or keep you safe from the clutches of various oppressors.  And some failures can help you to better forge the mysterious path ahead, if you let them.  

So, as the storm continues to rage all around me, both privately and globally, I take a long hard look at my failures.  I try to be brave, to gain insight from those failures, and to recalibrate wisely in my next attempts at battling my demons.  And when I feel broken and defeated, I slowly begin to rekindle the faint embers of the seeker within me.  It’s slow and painful at first but I try to remain diligent even at the edge of hopelessness, until those sparks are fanned once more into an Innermost Flame.  And if the old hermetic adage of ‘As Above, So Below’ is true, then that newly kindled flame has the universe within it.   

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Rule of Three

War, chaos and nefariousness of all kinds seems very prevalent at the moment, doesn’t it?  It seems at the forefront of most politically-engaged minds right now.  At least, it’s on the forefront of my mind, as is the deeply sinister path we are being encouraged to blithely tread. The current United States administration and its military-intelligence apparatuses are using the recent downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 to manipulate public opinion, stirring Western distrust and hate towards Russia, further attempting to capitalize on the Crimea-Ukraine conflict – framing the situation as the ominous re-emergence of the Cold War, or at least a distorted echo of it.  

It doesn’t take a genius see that key players within the US military-intelligence elites have a long con in mind – and that one potential endgame of this con is to bait war with the former Soviet Union, who along with China is seen as one of the awakening BRICS economic powers.  This is a very, very dangerous time.  I have alluded to the idea for a while now at Amid Night Suns that various global power-broking factions are just itching to spark a worldwide conflagration.   A third global genocide to complete the unholy triptych that was begun in 1914, furthered and expanded in 1939, and which these elites wish to engineer, provoke or expand for the opening cusp of the twenty-first century.  

We mustn’t be fooled by our own closeted faux-intellectual sophistication; that war always happens in some other, stranger place…a peripheral and casual knowledge that barely registers as real anyway.  Instead we need to work towards discerning lies from truth, finding a way towards understanding the hidden complexities and hidden gains of the situations we see unfolding all around us now.  Make no mistake.  War is conceived, written and engineered in blood.  It is a holocaust metaphysics.  Down here in the physical realm it is also a holocaust economics; a profitable familicide of incomprehensible depth.  We all know war is profitable, but there are different kinds of profits.  Who benefits?  And why?       

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

All My Heart

Do not worship, attend

To your broken imageries

Of love lascivious,

Scorn like the brightest star.

Even poets lack subtleties

When pushed to doubt self-doubt

That any could find it right here.

Purple asides, aside

What is the dreaming left with?

Hunger for the genuine

On the altar of authentic

The non-mediated.

Love, aside, crouch low

Silent footsteps

Or the rush, prick, twinge

Ache, for those with secret freedoms.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Midnight Mystery Cult // THE HELIX TREE

The Shadow, the Light, the glittered fold
A knife of diamond that splits the soul
I call to reason, I call to rhyme
To reshape life and space and time

A splintered kiss can get us killed
Destiny lost and unfulfilled
We writhe, we shake, with mask and skins
A call to rise the serpent twins

Fathers, Sons and Holy Ghosts
We rewrite these names in fire
Liberty, Beauty, and Truth now sung
United with desire

More than golem, more than snake
The Lucid need this be
The Ever-After give and take
As we climb the Helix Tree

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The United States of Archonica

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

         --The United States Oath of Allegiance

Welcome once again to Amid Night Suns, citizen.  It seems that the world around us is changing with ever-increasing rapidity.  And yet, the more things change the more they stay the same.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the weak are oppressed and defiled – and corruption reigns supreme.  In such a socio-political climate it is hard to remain idealistic, or to even fully appreciate the tenets of genuine idealism.  For me idealism is seeing the best in ourselves individually and collectively; believing that we can indeed become more than we are – that we can grow and change for the better.  The popular notions of democracy – fairness, justice, liberty and equality – are beautiful ideas that we of course all strive towards, but just how important are such notions in today’s society beyond empty buzzwords and tools of misdirection?  I mean to say, does anyone really believe that our popular imagining of democracy is matched in any way by the corrupt war-mongering reality we see all around us?  

Progress is a complex notion.  On the one hand I admit that things are better for a huge number of people now than at any other time in human history.  We are not all mercenaries and gunslingers with minimal lifespans.  Women are valued more highly today than ever before, at least in certain contexts.  Children seem to be treated with more genuine care and sensitivity – again, at least within certain contexts.  Humanity seems to have dragged itself out of the brutal feudalism of the dark ages, at least here in the West.  And yet paradoxically, despite all this, I believe things have never been darker than they are now.  Corruption has never been greater, or at least it has never before had such a huge industrialized playground in which to prey.  For me, Gnosticism has never been more relevant than it is today.  This is admittedly a paradox, a contradiction.  But unimaginable destruction and creation are both occurring right this very moment, all across the globe – war and terrorism, freedom and revolution abounds.  For the United States of America this paradox of destruction and creation is particularly pertinent.  I believe that behind the scenes there is a quiet war happening on American soil.  Of course I cannot prove this in any way, but I believe that this is a spiritual, psychic war as well as a war between covert military-intelligence factions.  Various players are vying for power as the political tectonic plates of the country threaten to shift.  I don’t know what exactly will be the result of this secret war, nor do I have a sense of any time-frame attached to it.  I only know that these words from Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address have never been more pertinent, or prophetic:

"…a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.  Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure." 

I believe that while one can argue that the genesis of the USA has been massaged and whitewashed, made more palatable for a modern multicultural audience, there is still insight to be found within the American Dreamscape of our imaginations.  It is a wholly psychic America; a frontier in which notions of truth, liberty and justice still stand – still resonating with imaginative power.  This internal America is far more than a piece of Hollywood propaganda, in my opinion.  It is the highest notions and ideals of its dreaming citizens, given intangible form.  And I am not one to dismiss or belittle the power and veracity of dreams.  Although I am technically British I have countless times walked the soil of this internal America, such is its allure.

But while I believe the America of the Inner Society is still an essentially noble and optimistic place I am not going to make a similar blanket statement about the America of the physical realm.  There are many beautiful and sublime things about our imaginations, but so often they are not matched by their literal counterparts.  Of course, America is just a symbol.  I’m not really just talking about America, am I?  I’m talking about the world, and the schism running through its heart that has divided our cognition – separated our intellect from our imaginations, the rich from the poor, the East from the West, and the ‘Evil’ from the ‘Good’.  Something seems to be missing, doesn’t it?  A connective tissue to heal this breach.  A path of creative tension that enables us to perceive the occluded link between apparent oppositions.  After all, corruption and oppression seems to work best when nuances are removed, when subtleties are ignored, and when dissenting voices are either silenced or drowned out by a distracting clamour.  This schism isn’t uniquely American, it’s global.  But because America was the most powerful and pervasive political force on Earth during the Twentieth century it became something of a metaphorical lens for the psychic maelstrom.  America is itself, but it is also Rome and Babylon and Atlantis, and the entire world.  This is very hard to explain in rational terms, but hopefully readers will intuit the flavour and poetry of what I’m trying to say, if not the literal sense of it.  I am trying to speak the truth, in the best way I know how.  As I stated in my previous post This Is Not A Test:

Truth can be a deadly weapon. It is incredibly destructive as well as creative, depending on the level or lack of dexterity with which it is handled.  For me the people who try to speak the truth, or earnestly search for its many nuances to the betterment and emancipation of the human race – these people are unalloyed heroes plain and simple.  They are the ones standing at the Edge of the World, often putting themselves in harm’s way in an attempt to stop too many others from plummeting off the edge and tumbling into the void.  

I believe that America, like the world at large, is to a great degree controlled by archonic forces that are attempting to send as many souls as possible tumbling into that void.  Whether these forces are literal, symbolic or some blending of the two I cannot say.  But we are living through dark times.  We are seeing, among other things, an attempt to establish a modern medievalism in our world – a glittering new feudalism controlled and orchestrated by a theocratic/corporate elite, stretching from sea to shining sea.  There will be no discernible middle-class in this intended future; just those who serve it and are therefore granted worth, and those who don’t and are therefore worthless.  It might surprise you to know that there are forces political, social and spiritual that are aware of this archonic agenda and are doing everything within their power to resist it.  There are dissenters, subversives, heroes and heroines everywhere, using all this darkness as cover.  When I am feeling daunted or afraid I try to remind myself of this fact.  The human spirit is ferocious and ultimately unassailable, when all is said and done.  If all the scales fell from all the eyes and people saw things as they really were, I believe that after a requisite period of reorientation, processing and healing the human spirit would be reborn like a phoenix.  I truly believe that.  

To quote from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address a final time:  "- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."  So, our goal as citizens is to dissent, to resist tyranny, to educate and acquire gnosis.  Because gnosis is knowledge, and knowledge is power.  And trying to figure out how to apply such knowledge for the liberty and justice of all is the beginnings of true wisdom.      

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

This Is Not A Test

Truth-telling matters to me.  I mean it really matters.  Not just as an empty buzzword or a kind of rock-star posturing.  It is one of the things I hold most dearly.  Not just my own ability to tell the truth, but anyone’s.  I can imagine a time when truth counted for something; so much so that it was a kind of social and spiritual currency.  Perhaps such a time never really existed, but I’d like to believe that it did – and that we can find our way there again, eventually. I admittedly have a very dark worldview because I have seen and experienced some pretty disturbing things in my thirty-five years in this realm, so take everything that I say with a grain of salt.  But it seems to me that truth has become so utterly devalued, so facile and arbitrary that many of us no longer know what it really feels and tastes like; how it moves and how it communicates.  I have always tried to create a working relationship with truth, both experientially and psychically.  I have always tried to hone my intuition and the various gifts that for the longest time I tended to view as curses.  This relationship has both helped and hindered me.  Hindered in the sense that it occasionally grants me access to what I came to realize was hidden or secret knowledge – oftentimes knowledge that I was spiritually and emotionally unprepared to deal with.  The truth often comes with a huge burden, a heavy responsibility.  In short, it can be utterly crippling and exhausting.

But obviously in other contexts the truth has afforded me freedom, strength, wisdom and opportunities – and sometimes joy beyond measure, for which I am extremely grateful.  I only mention all this to highlight the fact that like most incredibly powerful things truth is a double-edged sword.  Truth can be a deadly weapon. It is incredibly destructive as well as creative, depending on the level or lack of dexterity with which it is handled.  For me the people who try to speak the truth, or earnestly search for its many nuances to the betterment and emancipation of the human race – these people are unalloyed heroes plain and simple.  They are the ones standing at the Edge of the World, often putting themselves in harm’s way in an attempt to stop too many others from plummeting off the edge and tumbling into the void.  This is why in art I am always drawn to truth-tellers and subversives, be they the artists themselves or their characters and their works.   

This is also why I am deeply fascinated by Gnosticism and Gnostic-inspired works of art.  I feel that Gnosticism speaks to the obvious inequalities in wealth and power and opportunities existing all around us, as well as the rampant corruptions, perversions and systems of control that have sought to manipulate human consciousness for most of recorded history.  In short, from my perspective, Gnosticism tackles reality as it truly is, not as we would wish it to be.  It tackles the darkest and most disturbing questions concerning this experience we find ourselves in – it doesn’t attempt to ignore or massage away the shadows with a trick of the light.  It doesn’t blithely assume that hideous cruelty and unimaginable suffering is somehow an ingrained or necessary aspect of our reality as sentient beings.  It attempts to provide reasons, answers or interpretive strategies for why things are the way they are – and I find that commendable, even if in the end we are merely creating strange fictions whilst groping around half blind in the dark.  And to me this commendable search for truth and meaning is paramount for human beings and the way we attempt to navigate through the maelstrom of existence.  Our lives are incredibly complicated, at least within our own minds, but they are also often brutish and short.  Most of human knowledge may indeed be a tapestry of interwoven fictions – but those tapestries are evidence of the brief flicker of fire that constitutes a human life, or a generation, or the accumulated flames of the consciousness of an entire race. 

This is not a game.  This is serious.  This is a journey to answer the deepest questions concerning the nature of human identity and destiny.  We use our fictions to cultivate lucidity and wisdom, even in the face of fear or terrible darkness.  This is not a test.  This is the real deal.  This is life and death. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Beyond the Waking City

I dreamed my genesis in sweat of death, fallen
Twice in the feeding sea, grown
Stale of Adam's brine until, vision
Of new man strength, I seek the sun.

-- from 'I Dreamed My Genesis', by Dylan Thomas 

I often hope that my posts at Amid Night Suns aid people in noticing the hidden details present all around them, helping them to intuit and perceive connections and resonances that would otherwise elude them.  In the broadest possible sense I want to engage and entertain the people who visit this blog.  But more than this over the last two years I have been attempting to explore a whole host of nuances in regards to consciousness.  I have attempted to create a kind of magickal infrastructure – that through incremental exposure to my work might hopefully help people to eventually become the wisest, strongest version of themselves.  I always hope that the modest insights and ideas I have to share are worth something to those who visit Amid Night Suns – worth something in practical, applicable terms that go beyond mere distraction or indulgence. 


In my experience I have found that spiritual enlightenment and self-efficacy does not exist in a binary of Asleep and Awake, where once the transition is made you are then luminous and lucid forever more.  Not at all.  In my experience enlightenment is rather about momentum, about continually reawakening to our own personal power.  It is the act of constantly repeating this process that actually hones lucidity and awareness – the act of sloughing off the unconsciousness, manipulations, powerlessness and affectations imbibed at the implicit behest our oppressors.  Each act of reawakening is a threshold, a boundary or portal.  And often in this topsy-turvy world that we inhabit reality can appear strangely dreamlike, and dreams themselves can appear all too real.  The real act of awakening is concerned with understanding the nuances involved on both sides of that threshold, and the connections that link them like gossamer filaments of meaning. 


I view my work here at this blog to be as much about the deeper levels of Art as it is about Spirituality.  Indeed, I see very little practical difference between them.  I am fascinated by liminality, and tend to see spiritual enlightenment and empowerment as a form of lucid dreaming; a kind of hyper-conscious artistic process and expression.  The goal is to consciously create your life with elegance – to manipulate the literalized dreamscape of our personal material reality with ever-increasing subtlety.  To feel truly responsible for one’s own destiny, and feeling truly able to handle that responsibility, is something that we all rightly crave.  

But the elites and predators of our world are always seeking to destabilize this connection to our destinies and sense of efficacy, by constantly filling our minds with fear and lust and other primally-calibrated distractions.  But there is more than just this elite agenda of endless control.  We must not factor ourselves out of the equation, as manipulated and oppressed as we may be.  We still have agency.  Our presence necessitates a greater mystery, for those with eyes truly open.  Both the inner and outer worlds are truly magical places filled with wonders as well as dangers, and light as well as darkness.  It is put upon us as perceiving sentient beings to give these worlds shape and texture, to craft and work them into something worthy of human culture – to create a synergy of intellect and imagination that betters us individually and collectively.  This is the essence of lucidity, isn’t it? 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Black Magic, Art and Symbolism: Persephone Unleashed

I saw the tiger in the ruin'd fane 
Spring from his fallen God, but trace of thee 
I saw not; and far on, and, following out 
A league of labyrinthine darkness, came 
On three gray heads beneath a gleaming rift. 

   -- 'Demeter and Persephone', Alfred Tennyson

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned

   --'The Second Coming', William Butler Yeats

Averting royal embarrassment is but the fraction of my work that’s visible above the waterline.  The greater part’s an iceberg of significance that lurks below.  Great works have many purposes.  To aid her majesty’s but one.  The rest are mine alone.

   --Sir William Gull, to his Coachman, in From Hell by Alan Moore.

This post is intended as a continuation of the themes explored in my 2013 post entitled Black Magic, Art and Symbolism: Icons of the Predator-Class.  That essay discussed the nature of predatory psychology, Art as a form of Social Magic, and went into considerable detail exploring the mythic significance of the infamous Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper -- as a kind of icon and shorthand for a dominating, controlling elite that is almost vampiric in nature. The second half of that essay also featured an analysis of the unexpected Ripper symbolism encoded into the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic, written and directed by James Cameron.  I will do my best to make this essay self-contained and comprehensible, but an initial reading of my earlier essay will make for a fuller context and appreciation of what I will be discussing here, as I will be referencing details, ideas and insights covered in that first post, as well as revisiting the Ripper symbolism found within Titanic.


In my first 'Black Magic, Art and Symbolism' post entitled 'Icons of the Predator-Class' I discuss the actual historical context of the elusive serial killer who would pass into infamy, known to the world as Jack the Ripper.  I also go into detail regarding the genesis of Jack as a pop-culture icon:

Most mainstream scholars assume that the popular image of the Ripper – a well-dressed Gentleman in a black opera cape, top-hat and white gloves, carrying a Gladstone bag, owes its longevity to the 1959 film directed by Monty Berman and Robert S. Baker, in which the Ripper is depicted as an avenging  surgeon.  It is noted by film historians that Berman and Baker borrowed much of the Ripper’s look from the 1931 version of Dracula, staring Bela Lugosi.  The infamous Count is depicted in a top-hat, opera cape and white gloves, passing himself off as a fashionable London gentleman of the late nineteenth century.

This is where I want the current post to have a much sharper metaphysical focus, expanding on themes only touched upon or implied in the first essay.  For most of us regular working-class folk, especially here in Britain, the Ripper legend serves as a kind of historical, political and economic shorthand; a salient reminder and cautionary tale concerning the nature of what might be termed the Predatory Aristocrat.  It is a pop-culture vessel that reminds us to never forget the vast inequalities in wealth and class and opportunities that existed between society’s rich and poor, and still continue to exist today.  It is a reminder that those in the ivory towers have always seen those beneath them as disposable resources.  Again, as I argue in Icons of the Predator-Class:

Regardless of the truth behind the actual Ripper killings, the icon of Jack himself – a faceless but well-dressed Victorian Gentleman, bloody knife in hand as he moves through the darkness and preys on the poorest and most vulnerable – this image is so powerful because it is true.  It is a pop-culture vessel encapsulating a symbolic truth about a very important period of history. 

But there is more to the icon of the Ripper than what I have outlined here.  To these predatory elites that control corporations, financial institutions and global politics the Ripper is a hero.  But more than this, he is a midwife and a messiah.  It is this aspect of the Ripper legend that I wish to explore with you now, dear reader.  It is something that the writer and ritual-magician Alan Moore understood so deeply and explored with great nuance and subtlety in his epic graphic novel, From Hell, which tackles the Ripper legend as a kind of apocalyptic fin-de-siecle of the Victorian Age.  But Alan Moore did not invent this idea of the Ripper as a harbinger of Apocalypse.  This idea is implicit in every cinematic or literary exploration of the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 going back to the actual crimes.  Back then, on the cusp of the twentieth century, there was dissent and anger and the threat of socialist revolution in the air.  Especially in London. Christian ideology had fermented with popular Theosophist literature of the time, in turn fuelled – I would argue – by an irrepressible and ever-present pagan impulse to create resonant symbols, to engineer gods and demigods from the materials of culture both high and low.  This cauldron of mixed belief and perceptions lent a certain apocalypticism to the end of the nineteenth century; the sense that now anything could happen, that some great change might be coming.

It is this creation of useful demigods that today’s modern predator-class takes so seriously.  As the old adage goes, 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'  In this sense, the Ripper is an icon of absolute corruption, but corruption possessed of purpose.  As I argued in my first 'Black Magic, Art and Symbolism' post:

In essence, those predators who are genuinely cognizant of magick have found a way to stage-manage, shape and mobilize their own devastating mental illness – directing and manifesting it into the material realm in various ways.  This is the largest part of what true black magic is. 

And I later go on to suggest:

The predators of our world are interested in art and symbolism for one simple reason – because they have grasped that Art is the Oldest Magick.  Considered, creative perception IS the act of transforming material reality, often in ways that are not immediately obvious.

To these predatory inner-circle elites the icon of the Ripper is ultimately symbolic of a vampiric Antichrist; a tremendously powerful black magician who absorbs the powers of the Divine Feminine by ritually murdering her, in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways.  This vampiric aspect of the Ripper cuts right to the heart of what these people are all about – they are obsessed with desecration, domination, theft of power and the manipulation of consciousness.  For them the Ripper is symbolic of a Cannibal God who feasts on the flesh and energy of the Goddess in order to increase his own sovereignty.


If we were to give this act of social magic a name, this murdering of the feminine to ensure the ascendancy of  the  masculine, we might call it ‘Bleeding the Moon’.  It is, among other things, the figurative slaying of the Roman goddesses Luna and Venus.  Luna is a Latin epithet for the divine feminine principle that embodies the moon, along with the goddesses Diana and Juno.  And Venus is, in part, the Roman version of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite – a deity of love and sex, beauty and fertility.  Venus was often referred to in the ancient world as the Morning Star.  This is deeply significant and bears further scrutiny.  From a mythic perspective, Venus was once considered so powerful and fascinating that she was given the honorary title of a star.  In most western pantheons the star is considered the harsh brilliance of the masculine principle, whereas the moon is considered the softer feminine reflector of that solar light.  So for Venus to be referred to as a distant sun, therefore symbolically equal to Sol himself – we can easily imagine that this might have angered the more misogynist scholars and thinkers of the Roman Empire.  And today, I would argue, the icon of the Ripper is considered a hero; a midwife of the perpetuation of elitist ideology and the continuation of their power structure.  The Ripper symbolically consumes the Moon, and Beauty, and Love, thereby slaying the Divine Feminine in an act of ritual-murder.  Hence, the Morning Star of femininity is slaughtered and her powers absorbed by a vampiric messiah.  In essence Venus the Morning Star is murdered and consumed, reborn as Lucifer the Morning Star – or, more pointedly, the Mourning Star; Luctus Stellam.  The Star of Lamentation. 

There is more resonance and meaning here than might appear at first glance. Venus is eaten by Lucifer, Luna is enchained within Sol…the loving Moon is swallowed by a hateful Sun.  As Sir William Gull tells his Coachman in Alan Moore’s From Hell:

"Why consciousness itself is naught but symbols, metaphors, which  build upon themselves and thus extend their metaphysical domain.  With symbols did male warlocks conquer women, first destroying or discrediting the goddesses that stood for women’s power. The Mother Goddess Tiamat, demoted, was made devil first, then lowly Chimera."

And then, speaking of the Dionysiac Architects, Gull references the seven liberal arts; often divided into two parts – the Trivium and the Quadrivium:

"Yet they knew the unconscious was the inspiration whence their towers of reason sprang.  Thus, HARNESSING its power symbolically was their sublime accomplishment.  Their symbol was the dreaming moon enclosed by seven stars that represent Arithmetic, Music, Astronomy, Rhetoric, Grammar, Logic and Geometry, the pillars of Masonic thought.  That symbol also signifies the female power within humanity, enfettered by its ring of stars that are but distant suns and therefore masculine."

It is my belief that in the ancient world the two most powerful colours, and thus metaphysical forces, were the colours Red and Black.  Among other things Red symbolized menstruation; the principle and continuation of human life.  Black symbolized the totality and fecundity of the womb; where human life itself is generated.  But the icon of the Ripper -- the role of the vampiric Antichrist -- is to wield those powers in a way that somehow transforms them into their opposites. In this way the Holy Red of menstruation and the Holy Black of the womb becomes the Unholy Red of spilled blood, of ritualized slaughter, and the Unholy Black of psychological perdition; a conscienceless state devoid of all warmth and empathy, that the predatory elites controlling our world equate with spiritual freedom.  For a human predator in the vein I have described, psychological perdition is interchangeable with the highest metaphysical truth.



Before the figurative ritual-murder of the Divine Feminine the Red is the sacred free-flowing blood of the female menstrual cycle (the Rose), and the Black is the sanctity and growth-chamber of her womb.  But the symbol that is being continually immortalized in the Ripper legend, especially among the elites who know of its deeper significance, is one concerned with stealing and desecrating the magic that it takes to create life. To create something from nothing is an act of literal magic; it is a generative principle.  But the black magician seeks to create a corrupted womb and to ‘generate’ a form of life – or fire -- that is non-fecund and essentially a form of living death; a vampiric form of un-life.

So, the Red and the Black of the goddess is twisted into the red and the black of the vampire, the anti-god or antichrist.  You can see evidence of this in virtually every film that features satanic or vampiric imagery; the colours red and black will always feature prominently.  They are the pre-ancient colours of union and co-operation transformed into colours of war and violence.  This is partially why the Nazis featured red and black so prominently in their regalia and the banners for their swastikas, to influence the fire of human consciousness through the power of such associations and energies.  Indeed, the Nazi swastika is simply a perverted Hindu solar symbol that is thousands of years old.  The icon of Jack the Ripper as an emblem of this elite vampiric consciousness that seeks to generate a cold fire, a form of un-life, is partially resonant with the Rakshasa and Asura of Hindu legends, and also the Hungry Ghosts of Chinese legends and the Nephilim of biblical lore.

We have been wading in extremely dark waters here, dear readers, and I thank you if you have stuck with me thus far.  So, the Ripper is emblematic of a powerful elitist that is essentially practising a form of predatory pseudo-theistic nihilism, or more accurately what they perceive as a kind of Aesthetic of Negation and Desecration.  It is a kind of ‘artistic’ philosophy that sees perversion, ruination and defilement of all kinds as 'holy' or 'beautiful'.  It is, for want of a better term, Pathology as Art.  It is a belief system and concordant power-structure that perceives Sociopaths and Psychopaths as an enlightened form of human being. Intuitively speaking, I believe there is a long-standing tension among the elites and oligarchs that control our world, above and beyond the regular war-mongering and infighting you might expect – and that is an old debate concerning whether full-blown psychopathology is literally the next step in human evolution, or simply the domain of an enlightened clique and should be protected as such.  It is my belief that there are groups among the elites who genuinely believe that pathology is the highest art, and that deepening their perversity whilst maintaining basic cognitive function is the razor-edged thrill of the truly powerful.  And there are others who see widespread psychopathology as the next inevitable, apocalyptic step for the human race, in part ushered by natural forces and partially encouraged by their own machinations and forms of oppression.  Indeed, this is how insular, indulgent and staggeringly inhuman these people have allowed themselves to become.  

So while the Illuminati-style occult conspiracies we hear about are largely erroneous fallacies – a kind of alt-media mythology – there is truth in the notion that these deviant power-brokers are driven by a kind of more sublimated or diffuse pagan/atavistic impulse – to enchant their own worldview even as they reject the ‘occultism’ that fascinates lesser men and women.  To the most experienced predators standard occultism is akin to an exoteric bread-and-circuses lie for the masses to swallow.  And the real esoteric truth is this idea that I have been trying to outline, that psyche is all, or Art is all – regardless of how deviant and pathological that psyche or its forms of art have become.  In this way they wield real magick to absolutely devastating effect.  And yet they are also not half as powerful or cunning as they think they are, because they have to create icons like the Vampiric Antichrist for their own personal and cultural-clique edification.  In this sense they are just as banal and pathetic as any predatory criminal.  They have dark, cathedral-like minds perhaps, but no salient connection to the heart-source of Creation -- that ultimately compassionate, lucid force within most of us that makes life worth living.



In my original post, 'Icons of the Predator-Class', I present a detailed analysis of the 1997 film Titanic written and directed by James Cameron, and its connections to the Ripper legend.  From that post:

I think it will be useful to explore the idea that the film Titanic is in fact an encoded retelling of aspects of the Jack the Ripper mythology.  This might seem bizarre or unlikely at first glance, but I will endeavor to present enough evidence to suggest that James Cameron was knowingly exploring elements of the Ripper mythology within the subtext of his screenplay. To the discerning viewer Cameron presents the film as a symbolic meditation on the slaughter of an enchained goddess – a kind of pagan ritual-sacrifice, with the famous ill-fated ship and the lead female character having blurred, interlinked identities. 

Later I go on to suggest an intentional Christlike resonance to the lead male protagonist:

Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a homeless but talented artist travelling wherever inspiration and adventure takes him, who along with his best friend manages to win a ticket on Titanic’s maiden voyage. The character’s surname is Dawson, meaning Son of David.  In biblical tradition David was a young shepherd who became the King of Israel, and a direct descendant of the Davidic line is said to become the future messiah.  This is interesting in that one of the film’s most famous lines of dialogue is Jack on the prow of the ship, in a vaguely Christlike pose, declaring himself “the King of the World.” 

There are further connected insights regarding this film that I wish to explore.  As I have outlined earlier in this post, the Ripper icon is emblematic of a kind of elite vampiric antichrist; a predator demigod.  In Titanic the lead characters Jack and Rose are figured as a union of God and Goddess, or a Christ and his Magdalene. So although the other characters in the film are simply aspects and fragments of the identities of the lead couple, as I argued in the original essay, the symbolism goes far deeper than it might appear on the surface.  James Cameron figures his male hero as a character that is loaded with all kinds of complex symbolism.  In Titanic Jack Dawson is the Divine Masculine, both Dark and Light.  He is an embodiment of the legend of the Ripper; an Antichrist.  But he is also equally a Christ figure.  On top of this he is also Hades of ancient Greek mythology.  By the same token Kate Winslet's character Rose DeWitt Bukater is the Divine Feminine.  She is the totality of the Ripper's five canonical victims -- Heiros Gamos -- a flame-haired joy maiden intended for her elitist fiance, but who later gives her maidenhead to Jack instead.  In this sense we can see why she seems to identify with the five prostitutes in Pablo Picasso's painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, a copy of which she has taken aboard the ship. 

What we witness in the film is the war between the Light and Dark aspects of the Divine Masculine; the war between Christ and Antichrist, between defiler and liberator of the Divine Feminine.  We can argue that the Christ aspect of Jack manages to save Rose’s soul from the ritual-slaughter enacted upon her body by his own Antichrist aspect (symbolized by Spicer Lovejoy, Rose's fiance Cal Hockley and the general hubris and cruelty of the first-class passengers).  As I stated earlier in this post, the Ripper icon symbolizes the ritual-murder and consuming of a goddess, thereby acquiring the totality of her powers.  The goddess in question is the ship itself, but it is also equally Rose herself -- seeing as how Cameron has ensured that Rose and Titanic have interlinked identities and are often talked about in an identical manner by the other characters in the film.  But this deity set for ritual-slaughter is a triple-goddess, a true goddess of the Underworld.  As such she is composed of three interconnected aspects: Maiden, Mother and Crone.  

The Maiden is young Rose, the Mother is Molly Brown, played by Kathy Bates, and the Crone is old Rose, played by Gloria Stuart.  This is why when Rose attempts suicide at the rear of the ship there is a red notice beside her that states 'THIS VESSEL HAS TRIPLE SCREWS. KEEP CLEAR OF BLADES'.   This is a clever inclusion of a sex/death innuendo by Cameron regarding the intended murdering of the triple-goddess.

All three aspects of the goddess must survive in some way to counteract the elite ritual.  Jack sacrifices himself to save Rose, becoming a kind of analogue of Virgil's hero Aeneas from The Aenid; a more pagan or Orphic worldview than the later version of Virgil from Dante’s Divine Comedy, where Virgil himself becomes Dante’s guide through the Christian Hell.  And yet the destruction of Titanic was intended to be a virgin sacrifice – akin to the Rape of Persephone by Hades in ancient Greek mythology.  This was later turned into the tale of Proserpina and Pluto, or Dis Pater, by the Romans.  The intended culling of Rose’s innocence, highlighted by her cruel fiance's desire to deflower her, was an integral part of the act of social magic that her ritual murder/rape was intended to bring about, within the mythical subtext of the film's narrative.  In this sense Rose must be viewed as a child, an innocent, trembling at that potent cusp between girlhood and womanhood.  So although Jack Dawson represents the similar inner child of the Ripper, or Hades to Rose’s Persephone – it is Rose who pre-consciously senses that an act of love between them might be enough to destabilize the intended power of the ritual.  By mating with the innocent part of the Ripper, with the inner child/youth of an Antichrist and Underworld God, she healthily transmutes the energy of pure innocence into something more worldly – putting that energy/desecration forever beyond the reach of the darkest, most unholy aspect of the Divine Masculine. She turns her own innocence into creativity and strength.

Symbolically, the character in Titanic who most consciously embodies the Ripper legend is Spicer Lovejoy, Cal's manservant played by David Warner.   He is an actor who happens to be famous for playing Jack the Ripper in the cult sci-fi film Time After Time.  All this is completely intentional from a screenwriting standpoint.  James Cameron knew exactly what he was doing in creating this story and casting its actors. At a textual level Spicer Lovejoy is just doing Cal's bidding in an attempt to humiliate Jack Dawson and to retrieve the Heart of the Ocean that Rose is unwittingly carrying.  But at the subtextual, mythic level of the film Lovejoy is the Ripper and knows that Jack and Rose have the potential to destroy his plans for the ritual-murder of the goddess if they are allowed to fall in love and to consummate that love.  This is why he gives chase and attempts to hunt them down immediately before they finally make love in the cargo hold. Shortly after their union Titanic hits the fateful iceberg.  Symbolically they have angered the Antichrist, the Ripper, the darkest part of Hades – and he angrily plunges his ritual dagger, the iceberg, into Titanic’s side, slicing her open.  This is why Jack and Rose are on deck the moment the ship hits the iceberg.  It’s as though Hades wanted them both to see the moment the dagger fell.  He wants to finally claim Persephone as his own.  To restate the From Hell quote at the beginning of this post, Sir William Gull, also known as Jack the Ripper, says these following words to his Coachman:  “Averting royal embarrassment is but the fraction of my work that’s visible above the waterline.  The greater part’s an iceberg of significance that lurks below.  Great works have MANY purposes.  To aid her majesty’s but ONE.  The rest are mine alone.”

Interestingly, in a deleted scene from Titanic Jack Dawson is attacked by Spicer Lovejoy and is forced to engage in a brutal fistfight, in which Jack's youth and speed has Lovejoy coming out worse for wear.  It's interesting because this scene is symbolic of a direct confrontation between the Christ and Antichrist aspects of an Underworld God.  It is Redeemer versus Ripper, and the Redeemer finally wins.  This is why Spicer Lovejoy's face is badly cut when we see him on the deck of the ship, as she rises up out of the sea like a leviathan just moments before splitting in two and crashing back down.  Lovejoy falls into the gaping wound left in the ship's hull at that very moment.  In essence he is symbolically cast into the Abyss and locked away there, as is befitting of such a deeply satanic figure.  Titanic then proceeds to wrench herself completely apart and eventually sinks, almost taking Jack and Rose with her into the Underworld through the sheer physical force of the dying ship. 

In the end Jack Dawson gives his own life to ensure that his beloved Rose survives.  The ship itself is destroyed, ritually-murdered...the body of the goddess is slain, but through an act of love her soul lives on in the form of Rose.  As the character of Thomas Andrews, Titanic's designer and engineer, lament's powerlessly, "I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose."  Rose’s survival and new identity is intended by James Cameron to be analogous to Alan Moore’s ending of From Hell.  When Sir William Gull as Jack the Ripper finally ascends and realizes that his ritual-murder of the prostitutes has indeed been an act of social magic that shapes an entire century, he also discovers that his ritual was still not entirely successful.  Mary Kelly didn’t die.  He accidentally murdered some other poor unfortunate in her place, but Mary herself lives on -- giving birth to four girls who act as analogues or perhaps reincarnations of her murdered friends, and who share their names.  It is here that Gull has the intimation that there is something higher than his dark magick, some loving force that denied him the full completion of his awful task.  His goal to completely enslave female divinity beneath the yoke of patriarchy is ultimately a failure.  Not only this, but Mary Kelly is aware of his disembodied presence, given a kind of psychic sight because of her experiences, and basically tells him unceremoniously to fuck off.  This is part of the reason why in Titanic the character of Rose is a redhead like Mary Kelly in From Hell.  It is also why Old Rose has a granddaughter named Lizzy, for Long Liz, Elizabeth Stride; the third canonical victim of the Ripper.  We can be sure that if Cameron had put in a reference to Rose’s hypothetical daughter in the screenplay -- an unbroken lineage of female empowerment --  she would have been called Annie, Polly or Kate, in honor of the other three victims of the Ripper.     

So, in conclusion I want to suggest to you that James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic is a multi-layered work of art, and is not merely an exploitative take on the story of Jack the Ripper for some quirk of personal interest.  Cameron seems to have immersed himself in the most arcane and esoteric aspects of the Ripper legend and its wider connections to mythology, philosophy and metaphysics.  His subtextual symbolism is fairly complex and his characters are multidimensional.  His cinematic vision of love and death and blood and sex is surprisingly mature and sophisticated, hidden behind a typical love-story and blockbuster action movie -- and his insights are ultimately hopeful, I would argue.  Luna is a source of her own Light. Venus is a Morning Star unto herself, full of beauty and wisdom.  Rose-Persephone is not ultimately defiled and consumed by a vampiric antichrist, by the worst possible face of masculinity, as the elites of our world so often desire and intend.  Instead she achieves a strange form of ascension, of transcendence, and is ultimately reunited with the most compassionate and loving aspect of the Divine Masculine.  Instead of being raped by a monster Rose-Persephone finds love with a hero, instead of fear she finds courage and ingenuity, and in the end she takes her place in a balanced cosmic marriage that honors the inter-necessity of a healthy male and female polarity -- that which is needed for true divinity, liberation and Gnosis.