Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hello Infinite

To see a World in a grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your Hand,
And Eternity in an Hour.

                                      -- Auguries of Innocence, William Blake

When most of us think of Infinity we are completely overwhelmed by the notion, or else we cannot even conceptualize it.  How do we hold the idea of Eternity in our minds?  A human life is but a brief flicker when held against the aeons of universal time.  But Infinity is not just Time, it is also Space.  But also there is a metaphysical, spiritual connectivity that underlies the notion of Infinity.  That of Depth.  Most people are unable to recognize this endless depth because they are not accustomed to thinking about the numinous. And it is the numinous -- the spiritual, the soulful, the magical, the inexplicable --  that underpins all manifest phenomena.  It is not a cold mechanical universe you are living in.  It is a sentient, complex and dangerous universe; a living system that paradoxically adores and supports your lucidity but is also indifferent.  Why this indifference?  Because at the deepest level of 'reality' we are individualized aspects of the dreaming mind that connects all sentient beings.  There is only one fractal-like consciousness, dividing itself endlessly like points of light glimmering on the many faces of a diamond.

We human beings are not simply meaningless freak occurrences of carbon and stardust.  We are not just organic machines operating under the biochemical illusion of self-aware consciousness.  We have barely begun to grasp the truth of what our biology actually is, and was once intended to be.  As I have said before at Amid Night Suns, the human race was once a powerful race of Vessels, creator-beings tasked with housing the Innermost Light -- the physical and metaphysical manifestation of God, of Infinity itself.  You can choose to accept or reject this notion as you see fit.  You can explore it metaphorically, as an artistic conceit for the purposes of insight into the complexities of human experience.  How do we figure and give shape to our yearning, our spirits and our souls?  Is it enough to call our souls an illusion; nothing more than a trick of the light?  No, this would be unwise, and also untrue.  Lucidity understands the permeable threshold between dreams, desires, visions, and manifest reality.   The Dreaming Mind is indeed the Doorway to Eternity.

Sometimes, dear reader, you just need to see it. 


  1. This one...and others like it...they fill me with a rush of empowerment, and I feel like my focus in the moment is extremely sharpened. I'm writing this still processing the rush. Don't know if you know it...I regularly start my day with one (or more) of your videos! Great stuff.