Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to F**k

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, dear readers.  I hope you've had a pleasant holiday season.  2014 has officially begun.  Let's get right into it.  The title of this post is intended to be provocative, and to hopefully put a little smile on your face.  Why have I given this post such a title?  Because this blog is concerned with personal creativity, shadow-work, empowerment and Gnosticism.  You cannot escape sex when you begin to seriously consider and explore any of these topics.  Sex is our genetic need to procreate, but more than this it is our insistent, wildly powerful desire to be free.  For someone like me, the subject of fucking is at the heart of Gnosticism in any real-world, grounded sense.  What do I mean by this?  Well, the essential idea behind Gnosticism -- that we humans are somehow a compromised and deceived race of beings, perhaps even enslaved -- is an incredibly powerful concept.  When we feel this way most acutely what do we turn to?  We turn to the comforts of food and creativity and sexuality - we attempt to eroticize our bodily experience in order to transcend or ameliorate the psychic imprisonment that we feel.  In these moments we know we cannot truly escape the body except through death, so we attempt to make our bodies dynamic and powerful through consummation of one kind or another -- an attempt to unite Earth with Heaven, the physical with the spiritual.  We seek the little deaths by giving and taking one another, in the most intimate form of communion two consenting adults can achieve.  We seek to die in these moments so we can live more deeply in general.


Sexuality is something that interests most of us.  Indeed, for most of us it is one of our most favourite subjects and activities.  But how many of us really understand and own our sexuality?  How many of us actually live in our bodies without shame or distraction?  How many of us really know how to turn each other on, beyond the most mechanical arousal?  In this corrupt, hyper-mediated world sex is everywhere.  But fucking seems to be nowhere.  Pornography glazes our entire society, it influences and circumscribes our desires, to the point where it actually begins to replace our desires.  We spend more time with artificial images of sex than in the act of sex itself.  To me this is simply indicative of our entire cultural malaise.  In Western society during the opening cusp of the 21st century we have become more enamored by depictions of sexual or creative acts than the acts themselves.  This seems to me to be a deeply Gnostic circumstance.  It's the very essence of our imprisonment.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against pornography in theory.  Indeed, my own creativity is coloured in various ways by some pretty explicit sexuality.  There is admittedly a little sleaze in my psyche, and that's the way I like it.  I own my thoughts and my desires, and I answer to no-one.  What bothers me is when men and women are forced into a kind of permanent hyper-anxiety regarding sexuality and their own bodies.  They desperately fear that they're not attractive enough or good enough, and some external authority or validation is needed to heal those feelings of incompleteness or inadequacy.  If we find ourselves in a situation where a deeply sick and corrupt authority is telling us what we can and cannot create, who and how to fuck, or who we can or cannot marry -- then we must acknowledge that something is deeply wrong.  Our most intimate and personal freedoms have been stolen from us and replaced with hideous facsimiles.  Can we really look at all this with open eyes and deny that it is archonic in the extreme? We are supposed to be vehemently creative, and consistently questioning of centralized power.  We're supposed to speak the truth and seek justice at every opportunity.  We are supposed to be voices for the voiceless.  Our physicality, the very thing we cannot escape, is supposed to be sacred.  Not bleached of all its nuances and questions and dirtiness, but sacred in its entirety.

So, I'm not saying that our sexuality has to be bright and fluffy and devoid of all edge or complexity, as this is virtually impossible anyway.  There is room in this world for a dark and wild and unapologetic kind of carnality...the kind of fucking that goes hand in hand with a desire to change the status quo.  This kind of anti-authoritarian, uncompromising and deeply personal energy is supposed to be at the heart of creativity and sex.  It's what is supposed to make us free-thinking and active adults.  At what point did we allow ourselves to become so toothless?  Swagger and style is fine, as these things get us through the unending grind -- but when did swagger and style completely eclipse and replace genuine content?  Just who or what do we desire now?  What genuinely turns us on in this corporate dominion where raising your voice immediately gets you labelled a conspiracy theorist or trouble-maker?  Are we even carnal anymore?  Or just gutless puppets merely dressed up as subversives and rock stars?

When I talk about fucking I'm also talking about freedom.  My imagination may be a dark place, but that's only because I still remember just how powerful we as human beings are supposed to be.  I cannot look at this asinine, passionless mockery of human living and not rage against the dying of the light. 


  1. As always, you have inspired me with your thoughts and prose, and have my mind working overtime. Gnosticism and Sex...indeed...well said. Terrific hook linking it to body issues. Image over substance...reminds me of your video..."Got a crush on a pretty pistol, an imitation Christ." You keep writing and rocking, I'll keep reading and tapping to the sweet, sweet beat. ~ Dave

  2. There's so much one could say about sex, that its almost futile to talk about it, Sex has been distorted everywhere because of patriarchy.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, some thought-provoking ideas there. In the spirit of acknowledging opposing views for the purpose of constructing well-rounded self-generated ideologies, here are some quotes from Yuri Nesterenko ( to somewhat represent a counterpoint argument.

    "Sex is similar to drugs, both in physical and social effects. It places primitive instincts higher than intellect. The system of priorities suffers deformation. The urge to obtain a new dose of the "drug" forces people to make all kinds of stupid mistakes. Sex often ruins friendship, stimulates lie and unfair play.

    If humanity were free from sex there would be fewer wars. Aggression would not have a powerful sexual support, and all sexual motives - from rape of the defeated to the image of a warrior as a "real man" - could not be used to lure people to war.

    Sex is natural? Natural doesn't mean good. Diseases and death are also natural. Sex is very different from other physical needs: it is not required for the survival of an individual (only for the entire species), and, in the case of Homo Sapiens, it dramatically, at least 100 times, exceeds biologically reasonable level. Animals have short mating periods during which they become "insane" (there are common terms like "march hare"); humans experience this insanity during most of their lifespan! Too much evil and crime were done because of sex throughout the history of humanity. It's a pity to see people who waste their energy, time, health, etc. for such a miserable thing. Sex is a disease that combines features of drug addiction and paranoia; it requires healing like any other socially dangerous disease. We don't want sex to be banned, but want people to lose interest in it.

    There are many weak people who will do anything for sex and there are also strong people who have self-control and will not do anything insane because of it. First of all, about the weak. We should not consider them beyond hope, there are clever and talented people among them who deserve a better fate. And as for the strong, this is of course good that they have the situation under control, but it by no means frees them from trouble. Wasted resources are not replenished from nowhere; everything that is wasted on sex is lost forever.

    EEE (Eternal Electric Enjoyment) - total immersion in pleasure by inserting electrodes into certain parts of the brain. Refers to
    wide-known experiments on rats which, when provided with ability to trigger a switch connected to the electrodes, kept constantly pressing it until they starved to death. A similar effect is possible for humans. Those who consider "pleasure" their aim in life, should not stop on sex, drugs and other half-measures; their ideal is EEE.

    The removal of sex will make human relations pure. There is nothing bad in mutual sympathy, friendship; but sentiments like "I can't live without you", "nothing matters except you" are really stupid and dangerous..."