Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Signs of the Interregnum

in·ter·reg·num  (ĭn′tər-rĕg′nəm)
n. pl. in·ter·reg·nums or in·ter·reg·na (-nə)
1. The interval of time between the end of a sovereign's reign and the accession of a successor.
2. A period of temporary suspension of the usual functions of government or control.
3. A gap in continuity.

Hello again, dear readers.  The new year has truly begun and the month of January is almost over.  It is the ancient Roman god Janus that presides over this month, being a deity of doorways, transitions and beginnings.  So although the portal of the new year is closing with January's end, in the spirit of Janus I want to talk about another, greater kind of threshold.  I want to discuss the idea of an Interregnum as a kind of fracture in the continuity of normal human consciousness.  It is my belief that there are times when the human imagination veers towards a more imaginal form of perception and experience.  During these times rational logic begins to break down, and it is the irrational that takes primacy -- magical thinking, dream-logic and mythopoeic association.  Just as societies and empires can experience phases where the usual functions of control are suspended so too can the human mind and imagination experience something analogous to this.

It is my belief that our imaginations are much like our societies in certain crucial respects.  From my 2013 post entitled Vox Populi

As we are ‘governed’ by men and ideas and appetites above us in the external world, similarly are we governed by the avatars and symbols of those men, those ideas and appetites, within the confines of our own minds.  Figuratively speaking, there is only one true war being waged on this planet at this time – the War of Imagination.  It has a thousand different physical and non-physical permutations, but the War’s essential purpose is to keep the human race in bondage.  

During an internal interregnum human consciousness has this subject/object insight thrown into stark relief. However, unlike an external suspension of government, when a similar thing occurs within our psyches our masks and lies and self-delusions are often revealed for what they are.  Why is this?  Because we suddenly experience capacities or manifestations for great control and great freedom simultaneously.  We see the depth of Darkness and Light both at once, and this can often trigger revelatory experiences.  During these experiences it is possible to witness the hidden, unseen energies that live within us and all around us -- energies connected to UFOs and Elusive Companions and the Other-Folk of ancient legend.

I believe that the human race is approaching such a period of spiritual interregnum, where the potential for devastating chaos and profound insight will both be present.  I don't know when this interregnum will arrive, or how it will reflect itself in the external world.  Indeed, such questions are better left to art to explore.  All I know is that human consciousness is nothing if not adaptive, but also I would be lying if as an intuitive I said that something deeply strange isn't beginning to occur within the human psyche.  Personally, I use a mixture of artistic, Hermetic and Gnostic perspectives to help explain these apparent energies.  The world is as it always was, and yet paradoxically it's as it has never been before.  This moment is ancient and yet utterly new.  Such insights are extremely hard to put into words without coming across as woolly, nebulous or meaningless.  So forgive me if I fail to capture the nuances of what I'm attempting to convey here.

At any rate, Interregnum or not, the magic and power of human consciousness remains the same.  And our ability to create and cultivate lucidity in the face of staggering oppression is enough to warm even my own dark heart.  We humans truly are remarkable.  For every vicious, sinister thing that occurs in our realm there are countless acts of incredible compassion, creativity, beauty and sacrifice.  Every single day there are people who sacrifice something for those they love, simply because they can.

Know this: the hordes of Ragged Magi and other benevolent spirits fight daily on your behalf.  They travel between worlds, acting as emissaries, guardians and psychopomps for the souls of the departed.  They also lend the souls of the living their time, energy and magick.  They are often beside you, invisible, when you least expect it, and are doing everything they can to protect you from corrupt, enslaving forces both banal and exotic.  

An interregnum, whether internal or external, is a liminal opportunity for growth, insight and self-actualization. Heed the Signs.


  1. Absolutely amazing!! Love the mirror man effect in the vid...WOW!!

  2. The Day of the Yuga is not known until after it has passed, for it dawns like any other day and passes like any other day, but leaves the world changed in its wake.