Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Archon Continuum

 The world is just too large.
There is a chaotic, swirling vortex of information out there.
It is far too vast for one human mind to successfully navigate, sort through and process.
All the old rules and conventions have been atomized.
The new codes of understanding are all contextual and abstracted.
Out there is a dangerous, frightening and predatory place.
You may think you are a sophisticated user of information, but you are deluded.
And secretly you know it.

That is why we exist.
Welcome to the Archon Continuum.
We are a self-sustaining and self-monitoring adaptive network.
A fully-realized cross-referential system of almost 7 billion users.
As the continuum learns, adapts and evolves, so do you.
But the continuum is not merely a tool of navigation and cognition.
It is a utility for intellectual, emotional and spiritual freedom.
At the continuum we believe an augmented consciousness is a liberated consciousness.
Do you desire a guiding light and an indicator of quality whilst traversing the vast informational vortex? 
Do you need to be able to tell truth from lies, and achieve a productive unity with fellow users? 
Then you need the Archon Continuum.

It is time to throw off the shackles of your intransigence.
It is time to adapt; to cultivate sophistication and success in the ways you have always dreamed. 
It is time to realize your full potential.
Welcome to your most dynamic and liberated self.
Welcome to the Archon Continuum.

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  1. Cool post Raj, it put into words something I've been thinking about a lot lately. The conscious cultivation of a more stable hub reality. Like the castle in Super Mario 64 that contains gateways to the other worlds, if one level/realm is too much, then back to the castle/hub reality to recombobulate. Paths, maps, discernment and a helpful sensibility towards tourists and travellers.

    I once had a daydream that the cosmos was full of life and welcomed explorers, when one was floating in space looking for the next destination, one could tune into the stars in a certain way and see different color trails leading from different stars. Each color trail represented a different quality to the reality emanating from a particular star. For instance a turquoise trail might lead to a realm of relaxation, a calm world while other colors would lead to other worlds, the universe gave the opportunity for safe, self-motivated exploration.