Friday, 14 February 2014

The Ragged Revolution

This post is dedicated to the black-eyed Witch Queen of the Betwixt.  Mother Hecate, your son is diligent.  I have tried to make a place for you here, in the Crossroads of this Blinded Earth.  For Love, Truth and Freedom.

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, friends and travelers.  Any regular readers of this blog will be aware that I often employ the aesthetic of rebellion and dissent on this blog, as a way to discuss and explore more internal and numinous matters.  My work is decidedly political, but rather than external politics I'm far more interested in a kind of Realpolitik of the Imagination.  I'm interested in the ways that the various splinters, fragments and multiplicities of selfhood can come to some kind of harmony or holistic interdependence.  So when I talk about rebellion on this blog I am talking first and foremost about a rebellion of the mind and soul.  If we are to genuinely discuss and strive for liberation and Gnosis, it must first be won in our internal dreamscapes, at the level of meaning-production and storytelling -- before we even have a hope of manifesting it in the physical, three-dimensional world around us.  That is why I strive so hard at Amid Night Suns to act as a kind of guide and guardian to these more secret, metaphysical realms of the Psyche.  I always try to conjure real magick in the work I produce for this blog, in the hope that it is transmitted to you in some immediately empowering and beneficial way.  I fail more often than I succeed, but an earnest intent counts for everything as an artist and truth-teller.  In this sense I'm at peace with my failures as much as I'm proud of my successes.  I hadn't planned it, but this is going to be my last post at Amid Night Suns for the next few months, because I have some pressing personal issues that demand my full attention.  But I'll be back soon enough, if all goes well.


A revolution is many things.  It is a forcible overthrow of government or social order, in favour of a new system.  It is a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes or operations.  And it is also an orbit around an axis; the completion of a circle.  It is the last two that I'm most concerned with here.  I view the human psyche as a multidimensional and multifaceted society, much like our external society.  It is singular and yet multiple, full of nuance and layers and complexities.  In fact, I believe that our external society is but a projection of our collective internal society.  This is perfectly understandable and workable even as a metaphor, though I mean it quite literally.  Everything that is shaped and organised in physical terms from crude matter was first shaped and organised by the Imagination; that faculty that is simultaneously human and divine. I believe that what we humans crave, especially now at this point in history, is a revolution of this internal society -- a reshaping and redefining of our axioms, our goals and desires, and thus our very identities as human beings upon this planet.  We crave Meaning, don't we?  We crave rebellion against tyrants, oligarchs and all oppressive forces, both literal and imaginal.  We crave dissent against views and strictures that we know full well to be socially, emotionally and spiritually harmful.  Militant corporatism, endless warmongering, sex trafficking, organised child abuse...the list of horrors goes on and on.  And truly we want to put an end to all these horrors, don't we?  Or at the very least we want to raise our collective voice and say, "We know these things occur every day, and we know that you predators profit from them...and we will no longer allow you to do these things with our complicit consent.  We will oppose you with every last ounce of strength that we possess."

Such a collective voice of rebellion and dissent may seem virtually impossible to manifest in the fractured, infighting external world, but the place where it is at least remotely possible is within the Inner Society of your own Imagination.  You CAN seek greater levels of truth in the information you consume.  You CAN cultivate lucidity, pattern-recognition and a politicized edge to your intellect in order to more easily notice the work of predators.  You CAN create art that draws attention to the horrors and injustices in our world, showing others that you are no longer blind to these things, and that you do not give your consent.  You CAN offer your own tentative solutions and remedies.  These things are all possible, but they require work. They require confusion, mistakes, time invested, sweating over the details, and often heartbreak.  Usually some form of heartbreak is involved when you begin to seek a revolution of the mind and soul, when you finally accept that the world and your identity within it is not as comfortable and bright as you had pretended it to be.  True rebellion, whether external and political, or internal and artistic, is never easy.  Any kind of transformation is usually never easy.  It can be agonizing, much of the time.  But the results are worth their weight in alchemical gold.          


Hecate is a goddess with which I am intimately familiar.  I know quite a lot about her official and unofficial history, as well as a more secret and personal understanding of her.  In the manner of all gods and goddesses, such entities require the component of their subjects imagining psyches for them to truly come alive for us -- to be useful to us as mere mortals.  In this sense my imagining of Hecate is going to be different to yours.  She is going to have more of me within her, so to speak.  Among other things Hecate is the keeper of crossroads, thresholds, sorcery and liminal spaces.  She is deeply connected to the fabled Underworld; the sunken realm of the ancient imagination.  For me she is a touchstone, a holy icon, that reminds me why art and magick and the pursuit of knowledge is so important.  She reminds me to speak for the voiceless and the dead.

What Hecate means to me is akin to what I have previously referred to on this blog as 'the fiercest love'.  A furious power and insight that seeks to liberate the enslaved, protect the weak and restore truth to all forms of discourse, especially the discourse between Shadow and Light.  It's in this spirit that she wages war against all corrupting, predatory forces.  She is intelligence and wisdom intermingled and honed to a razor's edge.  She is a liberated and unapologetic Anima.  She is my Illuminated Darkness, a darkness that works in service of the Light.  You can see why I call upon her when a revolution is at hand.


It is my belief that creativity and art are the most powerful forms of dissent that a lucid mind can conjure.  As we know all too well, organized protesting is useful and beneficial and often necessary, but it can lose its focus and spill over into rioting and violence, at which point it loses much of its efficacy.  A protest that becomes a riot is usually just an opportunity for power-brokers and social engineers to impose even tighter controls and curtails of our basic freedom.  It allows them to appear justified in whatever draconian measures they wish to enforce.  A protest that becomes a riot is almost always useless because its chaos is uncontrolled, no matter how justified the anger that might be fueling it.  But creative protest, artistic dissent, is in fact more powerful and longer lasting.  Culture is, after all, the soul of the collective -- and it's this soul that must keep speaking long after the furor has died down and the mainstream has forgotten the immediate problem.  

It is the vocation of art to keep speaking for those who have long since had their voices silenced or stolen.  How many tragedies go unnoticed or unaddressed because the media actively seeks to protect those accountable, those with money and power?  Is it really going too far to suggest that we no longer have a truly free mainstream media in this world, and that rather we're faced with a multifaceted propaganda tool of the elites ready to manipulate consciousness with terrifying alacrity?  When the game is rigged like this -- when the House always wins -- only art can really readdress the balance.  It is art that brings us closer to both our rebellion and our divinity.  By choosing truth over lies, complexity over inanity, lucidity over opacity, we draw closer to the essence and paradox of what we truly are -- and why we're truly here.  It isn't always easy or fun, but it is necessary.  And once we decide to take this revolution seriously innumerable vistas of magic and awe and subtlety open up before us.  The world is still a baffling dream; only now we are intentionally seeking to understand its language and penetrate its symbolism, and suddenly freedom for others matters just as much as freedom for ourselves.

Think differently, Feel differently, Create differently.  Look deep within, and recognize what you see there.  The revolution welcomes you.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Eye of Acuity

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
--Matthew 6:22

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, dear readers.  Recently I've been trying to muse on the nature of what it actually means to be clear-sighted, perceptive and lucid in practical terms.  As is usually the case I always return to the notion that keen insight and dexterity of mind is deeply connected to the ability to see the wold as it is, not as we might want it to be.  Obviously, nobody can literally see the world as it is because there are far too many variables and contexts occurring simultaneously -- but I do think acuity is indeed related to at least seeing the world in more inclusive rather than exclusive terms; inclusive of anomalous information and varying perspectives.  This, to me, promotes a healthy skepticism whilst also allowing for genuine open-mindedness.  Both are needed to process information and adapt to new experiences.  The world is ordinary and perhaps sometimes even banal.  But paradoxically it is also very extraordinary and our experiences can occasionally be incredibly exotic.  It seems we can stumble into realms of high-strangeness through seemingly no fault of our own.  Sometimes reality decides to overturn our beliefs and alter our paradigms in fantastic ways.

It is my belief that lucidity, perceptiveness and acuity are powerful tools that can unlock all manner of secrets about our psyches and our universe.  They are skills that I fail at far too often -- which is why I place such a high degree of importance on them at Amid Night Suns.  I am constantly trying to hone these skills, to improve my cognition and my ability to comprehend connectivity of various kinds.  Hopefully the words I write and the videos I edit here on this blog can help you in your pursuit of similar goals. Raw intelligence is powerful and desirable, but without the sophistication and nuance that acuity brings even the highest intelligence is still just a blunt instrument, or a partial cognition.  But if we can keep our eyes open and gather our strength, love and courage we can work towards direct perception of this phenomenon that we call reality -- or at least as direct a perception as an individuated, embodied consciousness is capable.  And we don't really know what humans are capable of when it comes to the hidden potentials of our consciousness.  Gnosticism often implies that we were once akin to gods, after all.

As I have suggested here many times now, and will continue to suggest, it is my personal belief that we humans are actually a race of Vessels -- creator-beings once tasked with housing the Innermost Light; the very essence of magic, consciousness and sentience.  I believe we were once adept Keepers of the Source. So please take the time to watch the following video, and perhaps it might evoke a memory, a recognition, or kindle a flame within you that yearns to be protected and cherished.  As always, dear readers, I want to empower you -- and I want us to help each other to See.