Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Eye of Acuity

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
--Matthew 6:22

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, dear readers.  Recently I've been trying to muse on the nature of what it actually means to be clear-sighted, perceptive and lucid in practical terms.  As is usually the case I always return to the notion that keen insight and dexterity of mind is deeply connected to the ability to see the wold as it is, not as we might want it to be.  Obviously, nobody can literally see the world as it is because there are far too many variables and contexts occurring simultaneously -- but I do think acuity is indeed related to at least seeing the world in more inclusive rather than exclusive terms; inclusive of anomalous information and varying perspectives.  This, to me, promotes a healthy skepticism whilst also allowing for genuine open-mindedness.  Both are needed to process information and adapt to new experiences.  The world is ordinary and perhaps sometimes even banal.  But paradoxically it is also very extraordinary and our experiences can occasionally be incredibly exotic.  It seems we can stumble into realms of high-strangeness through seemingly no fault of our own.  Sometimes reality decides to overturn our beliefs and alter our paradigms in fantastic ways.

It is my belief that lucidity, perceptiveness and acuity are powerful tools that can unlock all manner of secrets about our psyches and our universe.  They are skills that I fail at far too often -- which is why I place such a high degree of importance on them at Amid Night Suns.  I am constantly trying to hone these skills, to improve my cognition and my ability to comprehend connectivity of various kinds.  Hopefully the words I write and the videos I edit here on this blog can help you in your pursuit of similar goals. Raw intelligence is powerful and desirable, but without the sophistication and nuance that acuity brings even the highest intelligence is still just a blunt instrument, or a partial cognition.  But if we can keep our eyes open and gather our strength, love and courage we can work towards direct perception of this phenomenon that we call reality -- or at least as direct a perception as an individuated, embodied consciousness is capable.  And we don't really know what humans are capable of when it comes to the hidden potentials of our consciousness.  Gnosticism often implies that we were once akin to gods, after all.

As I have suggested here many times now, and will continue to suggest, it is my personal belief that we humans are actually a race of Vessels -- creator-beings once tasked with housing the Innermost Light; the very essence of magic, consciousness and sentience.  I believe we were once adept Keepers of the Source. So please take the time to watch the following video, and perhaps it might evoke a memory, a recognition, or kindle a flame within you that yearns to be protected and cherished.  As always, dear readers, I want to empower you -- and I want us to help each other to See.  

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