Thursday, 24 April 2014

Beyond the Waking City

I dreamed my genesis in sweat of death, fallen
Twice in the feeding sea, grown
Stale of Adam's brine until, vision
Of new man strength, I seek the sun.

-- from 'I Dreamed My Genesis', by Dylan Thomas 

I often hope that my posts at Amid Night Suns aid people in noticing the hidden details present all around them, helping them to intuit and perceive connections and resonances that would otherwise elude them.  In the broadest possible sense I want to engage and entertain the people who visit this blog.  But more than this over the last two years I have been attempting to explore a whole host of nuances in regards to consciousness.  I have attempted to create a kind of magickal infrastructure – that through incremental exposure to my work might hopefully help people to eventually become the wisest, strongest version of themselves.  I always hope that the modest insights and ideas I have to share are worth something to those who visit Amid Night Suns – worth something in practical, applicable terms that go beyond mere distraction or indulgence. 


In my experience I have found that spiritual enlightenment and self-efficacy does not exist in a binary of Asleep and Awake, where once the transition is made you are then luminous and lucid forever more.  Not at all.  In my experience enlightenment is rather about momentum, about continually reawakening to our own personal power.  It is the act of constantly repeating this process that actually hones lucidity and awareness – the act of sloughing off the unconsciousness, manipulations, powerlessness and affectations imbibed at the implicit behest our oppressors.  Each act of reawakening is a threshold, a boundary or portal.  And often in this topsy-turvy world that we inhabit reality can appear strangely dreamlike, and dreams themselves can appear all too real.  The real act of awakening is concerned with understanding the nuances involved on both sides of that threshold, and the connections that link them like gossamer filaments of meaning. 


I view my work here at this blog to be as much about the deeper levels of Art as it is about Spirituality.  Indeed, I see very little practical difference between them.  I am fascinated by liminality, and tend to see spiritual enlightenment and empowerment as a form of lucid dreaming; a kind of hyper-conscious artistic process and expression.  The goal is to consciously create your life with elegance – to manipulate the literalized dreamscape of our personal material reality with ever-increasing subtlety.  To feel truly responsible for one’s own destiny, and feeling truly able to handle that responsibility, is something that we all rightly crave.  

But the elites and predators of our world are always seeking to destabilize this connection to our destinies and sense of efficacy, by constantly filling our minds with fear and lust and other primally-calibrated distractions.  But there is more than just this elite agenda of endless control.  We must not factor ourselves out of the equation, as manipulated and oppressed as we may be.  We still have agency.  Our presence necessitates a greater mystery, for those with eyes truly open.  Both the inner and outer worlds are truly magical places filled with wonders as well as dangers, and light as well as darkness.  It is put upon us as perceiving sentient beings to give these worlds shape and texture, to craft and work them into something worthy of human culture – to create a synergy of intellect and imagination that betters us individually and collectively.  This is the essence of lucidity, isn’t it? 


  1. Amazing and enjoyable as always!! You always leave me wanting more.

  2. You are indeed captivating with your posts, after 10 years of all this spiritual mumbo jumbo bullshit distorted truths, i can finally say i had a gnostic experience in the depths of the african jungle, it almost killed me, but i turned out to be stronger than the forces and "black magic" that was put upon us. Your posts are wonderful and enlightening and makes perfect sense, being an artist myself, i have always known that art is spirituality, not reading an Osho book. Lol, thanks for your time mate, greetings from beirut!

  3. Blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children (c) Sam Jack. BLESS YOU!