Monday, 23 June 2014

Midnight Mystery Cult // THE HELIX TREE

The Shadow, the Light, the glittered fold
A knife of diamond that splits the soul
I call to reason, I call to rhyme
To reshape life and space and time

A splintered kiss can get us killed
Destiny lost and unfulfilled
We writhe, we shake, with mask and skins
A call to rise the serpent twins

Fathers, Sons and Holy Ghosts
We rewrite these names in fire
Liberty, Beauty, and Truth now sung
United with desire

More than golem, more than snake
The Lucid need this be
The Ever-After give and take
As we climb the Helix Tree


  1. Magi-cal prose and mind-blowing visuals. You always leave me wanting more.

  2. I found this on Youtube somehow a couple of weeks ago and have played and replayed it several times. It is fantastic on all levels.

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