Friday, 1 August 2014

The Rule of Three

War, chaos and nefariousness of all kinds seems very prevalent at the moment, doesn’t it?  It seems at the forefront of most politically-engaged minds right now.  At least, it’s on the forefront of my mind, as is the deeply sinister path we are being encouraged to blithely tread. The current United States administration and its military-intelligence apparatuses are using the recent downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 to manipulate public opinion, stirring Western distrust and hate towards Russia, further attempting to capitalize on the Crimea-Ukraine conflict – framing the situation as the ominous re-emergence of the Cold War, or at least a distorted echo of it.  

It doesn’t take a genius see that key players within the US military-intelligence elites have a long con in mind – and that one potential endgame of this con is to bait war with the former Soviet Union, who along with China is seen as one of the awakening BRICS economic powers.  This is a very, very dangerous time.  I have alluded to the idea for a while now at Amid Night Suns that various global power-broking factions are just itching to spark a worldwide conflagration.   A third global genocide to complete the unholy triptych that was begun in 1914, furthered and expanded in 1939, and which these elites wish to engineer, provoke or expand for the opening cusp of the twenty-first century.  

We mustn’t be fooled by our own closeted faux-intellectual sophistication; that war always happens in some other, stranger place…a peripheral and casual knowledge that barely registers as real anyway.  Instead we need to work towards discerning lies from truth, finding a way towards understanding the hidden complexities and hidden gains of the situations we see unfolding all around us now.  Make no mistake.  War is conceived, written and engineered in blood.  It is a holocaust metaphysics.  Down here in the physical realm it is also a holocaust economics; a profitable familicide of incomprehensible depth.  We all know war is profitable, but there are different kinds of profits.  Who benefits?  And why?       

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