Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Anima Noctis

Things are going to change at Amid Night Suns.  I’m going to pull out all the stops.  I’m going to work harder, I’m going to think more creatively, and I am not going to lie down without a fight.  When you’re an Intuitive like me, as well as an artist, your intuitions can often muddy your vision rather than help it.  It’s a kind of psychic burnout, a loss of sharpness and efficacy that comes from being overwhelmed by all the subtler dimensions you are sensing.  When grief or fear or any kind of acute emotional pain stemming from your private life becomes particularly intense, it’s easy to get lost in the psychic maelstrom, the glimpsed intimations of other realities.  It can be incredibly paralyzing, in fact. 

That’s why art is so important.  Sometimes it’s the only thing you’ve got left to hold on to.  Art comforts us, nourishes us, and opens us up to a deeper cognizance of who we really are.  We are stories telling stories.  This is true in a physical and biological sense, as well as a spiritual one.  We are organisations of systems within systems all telling stories to one another, sending energetic signals encoded at varying registers of reality; cosmically, socially and neurologically.  Because art doesn’t just teach us to imagine, or how to imagine, it teaches us how to cohere, how to persevere, how to brave the odds.  Art gives us the discipline and context with which to interact as meaningful and compassionate entities, both individually and as members of a larger system.  This discipline and context is of an order of sophistication beyond what we can rationally comprehend, but we know it is kin.  I have said before at Amid Night Suns that art is the twin of cognition.  You cannot perceive anything without Contrast, Context and Association.  These three things are the fundamental geometries of sentience, bursting open infinitely like a fractal or a flower.  It’s through stories that we muse on what our souls are made of.

I am such a flawed individual, but I try never to be cruel.  I hate bullies, and oppressors all.  I want to connect and uplift others.  I want to give them power somehow.  I despise that the world continues to find itself in such a horrific state of affairs.  The night is endless and the human soul is in chains.  It makes me seethe.  I have always tried to be a guide, despite feeling blind myself much of the time.  I have always tried to help fellow seekers through the liminal places.  I’m nothing special.  I can just see in the dark a little better than others can.

This post is going to be part of a larger system in the Innermost Chronicles series.  My work at Amid Night Suns attempts to explore the inner cosmology of the human imagination, and of Gnosticism itself.  I intend this series to be a further exploration of that charge.  I always try to create magickal sigils with the videos I create – light and sound working in concert to allow a transformational space where the person watching might come to know themselves a little better, might remember something crucial that empowers them.  To feel the uplift, arousal or joy of those you love is a sublime experience, and it’s nice to have helped create that, if only for a few moments.

If I can offer you a gateway, however brief, if I can show you things that make you stronger…then maybe we are not forsaken.  Maybe all the anxiety and pain and suffering recedes for a moment, and we remember who we are.  We remember who we can be.  And if the River of Forget crashes in on us once more, within our most private depths our flame and flower will be glowing a little brighter for that brief glimpse.

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  1. Raj my man. So beautifully put and echoing my own flawed but willing soul. We have to keep trying. We fuck up. We get traumatic stress every day with what feels like no chance to change it. We got stress and blame on a platter at birth. And, guess what, we did not ask for any of this ruling class and slave system.
    I am feeling mycellial these days. I got a crazy opportunity to get organic mushroom bodies in huge quantities and it looks good for hooking up with Bay Area Recycling for Charities in Traverse City. I don't know yet how anything will go but I have a chance to really help local people and put my effort where my heart is. Send me your holy ragged magi energy as I send you mine every day whether I know it or not.
    Don't give up man. It fuckin hurts sometimes I know. We love the fuckin shit out of you. Delorus