Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Keys of Further

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns, and to the third vision in the Innermost Chronicles series.  I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Xmas.  I mean it sincerely, but it might seem cold comfort considering all the madness and horror going on in the world at the moment -- religious fundamentalism, corporate profiteering, war, murder and mayhem.  It’s so huge and complex and disturbing that our minds can scarcely bear to look at it all directly, let alone even begin to process or make sense of it.  For those of you who are like me, far too sensitive to block it all out, I hope my modest blog posts can offer you brief comfort, insight or empowerment.

Often times it hurts to see the truth, to be awake and aware to what’s going on around you.  It’s easy to see why people choose meaningless distraction over meaningful action.  We feel powerless, tiny and insignificant.  Between our workday struggles and complicated private lives we feel we have very little energy to expend on looking at the political, social and spiritual state of the world we’re living in.  We fear to do so will only leave the taste of ashes in our mouths and a sinking feeling in our hearts.  And we are often right in our suspicions.  But the alternative – allowing the Archons, oligarchs and elites to obscure our vision and grind us into apathy – it will only end in more fear, more bloodshed, more controls and curtails of our basic freedoms.  I empathise with that feeling of powerlessness, I really do.  But we must always attempt valiantly to open our eyes to the contexts, hidden agendas and power-dynamics of the world in which we live.  To do otherwise is to invite perdition and to allow the coming of a Perfect Dystopia.

But looking outwards with lucidity at the world is only half the battle.  We also have to gaze inward with the same resolve.  Without this earned Gnosis of who and what you truly are the apparent darkness of the outer realm may well paralyze and consume you.  So how do we gaze inward?  How do we attempt to truly know ourselves?  Well, we seek out and network with compassionate like-minds.  We attempt to build small communities of people who truly desire to understand the numinous, the Innermost – and who desire sincerely to share that strength with others.  People willing to speak for the voiceless, and fight on behalf of the weak and wounded.  This is what humanity is supposed to do, and it’s what we are supposed to be - warriors of truth, of beauty, of the fiercest love.  

But it’s really hard to fight for others when we barely understand ourselves.  I hope that my work at Amid Night Suns can aid you in that understanding.  I hope the Innermost Chronicles can give you a glimpse of the radiant flame within you; that spark of divine light that is your truest and most dynamic expression.  It can grant you armour against the unrelenting horrors and corruptions of this world, whilst allowing your mind and heart to remain open.  It can help you to forge a path through the chaos, through the portals of your own blind-spots and gaps in cognition, and towards a brighter, greater purpose.  

This knowledge has saved my life many, many times.  This Innermost Light can unlock doors and gateways that you didn’t even know were there.   

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Innermost Chronicles - Raze the Gods

There are gods, and then there are gods.  One is a religious, metaphysical or spiritual race of deities, while the other seems an oblique group of beings that straddle the darker realms of the numinous and our own tangible world.  These oblique gods are of a different kin, seeming to broker real economic, social and spiritual power on this planet.  Powerful institutions in media, science and religion are being continually revealed as rotten to the very core.  This is currently happening for all the world to see.  But very little seems to be changing.  After all, how do you hold a god accountable or culpable?  Gods have no oversight, and they seem to act unilaterally when it comes to mortal affairs.  They have no accountability except to other gods.  But those are wars in heaven, knowledge of which is unfit for public consumption.  Often gods will tell you that there is no heaven, and no such things as gods.

For those who see economic, social or spiritual power as some kind of nebulous abstraction; this is because they have to a greater or lesser degree forgotten that gods exist.  A close and crucial look at the distribution of these forms of power in our world will garner some valuable insights.  Eventually such analysis of these powers – where they dwell and in what forms – will reawaken in you the knowledge that gods do indeed reside here among us.  Many of them are mortal demigods – flesh and blood like us – but dwelling in an experience so rarefied, insular and devastating that to call them demigods is not an oversimplification.  For these elite predators psychopathology is an artform, and appetite is everything.  No desecration is off-limits.  One war or murder or rape is simply not enough, not in the pursuit of true economic, social and spiritual power over others.  The entire world must be turned inside out to assure their deification and the continuation of their Regent.  And then there are the truly hidden and invisible gods; those who like to hinder and hurt and feed, and who are far more than mortal.  It is these unseen ones who guide, manipulate and whisper in the hearts of their human counterparts.  Gnosticism calls them the Archons.

There is a vast difference between the various gods of antiquity and these Archonic forces that currently control, rule, shape and reshape our world.  Perhaps at some time in history these predator entities took it upon themselves to wear the masks and skins of our gods, to better consolidate and wield power over the dreaming, imagining human race.  Maybe they still do.  But in the modern world our gods have changed somewhat.  Today our gods are leviathan corporations and draconian trade agreements elevated by billionaire disciples and millionaire neophytes.  Our gods are fetishistic complicities, ruinous slaveries and deeply harmful inversions of spiritual truth.  We all seem to be chasing the next chic negation.

Our stories are being defiled, humiliated and swept away by the incoming tide of filth that constitutes the spiritual gravity of these darker gods.  All the violence, chaos and war surrounding us cannot attest otherwise.  It is true that Darkness and Light have always occurred side by side in human history.  It is true that there has always been chaos and depravity, and as a result there has always existed this frightening dynamic between the powerful and the powerless.  But never before has Darkness had such a huge industrialized playground in which to prey.  Never before has our spiritual wisdom been so acutely outmatched by our technological and scientific ability.  Like drunken, shambling gods ourselves we begin down dangerous paths of creation, without accountability or oversight.  And we are ignorant of the things we might bring forth. 

Our ability to tell meaningful stories to one another is being eroded, or else further and further marginalized.  But our appetite for meaningless distraction is growing.  This is a dangerous dynamic.  Violence and violation are becoming acceptable, even rousing.  Mercenaries and pornographers are becoming sexier.  True dissent and activism is becoming more and more frightening.  The lies are becoming more spectacular and ridiculous.  And as a result the Blind Eye is getting harder and harder to turn.

Pathology is not art.  Sociopaths are not true demigods.  The truly powerful are not worthy of your trust, or your submission.  Magick is art.  Truthful and considered creative expression is art.  And it is this expression that is getting harder and harder to protect.  But there is a place within you – within each one of us – that recognizes there is truth in these words.  There is an Innermost within you, full of ferocious intelligence, beauty and wisdom.  It is the Sanctum of the Lucid, a chamber of Living Light that is the source of all that you are.  It remembers everything.  It knows lies from truth.  It understands with great depth and tenderness the complexities of the human experience.  It is this Innermost within you that I seek to connect with in my work.  Amid Night Suns is all about reconnecting, healing and quickening that vast inner cosmology.  It is from this deepest place of truth and love and ingenuity that any battle must be fought.  If the predator demigods and their patrons desire the human soul eternally in bondage – cut off from all true growth – then it is from these very depths of the Innermost that our resistance and rebellion must be waged.  

It’s from here that we must unmask these false gods whilst seeking our spiritual liberation.