Thursday, 2 July 2015

Strange Attractor

Welcome once again to Amid Night Suns, my friends.  Being away from blogging for practically the first half of the year has left me with a strange feeling.  It seems that while my private life undergoes massive upheaval, my psychic, interior and spiritual life has only grown more potent and symbolic.  I’m noticing increased synchronicity, symbolism and ‘coincidences’.  Something that often happens in my life, especially when unseen energies feel particularly potent, is that I experience an upsurge in what I can only describe as pseudo-telepathic phenomena.  I mean to say, during such resonant times I often have the experience of anticipating what those around me are feeling and thinking, and vice versa.  I might be thinking of a particular concept, notion or even phrase and then have that vocalised by someone in my vicinity.  Similarly, during such times people often tell me that I just anticipated their thoughts or explicated some private discourse or “took the words right out of their mouths.”  These things are commonplace in my life, but especially during times of either intense focus or major upheaval.  A skeptic would explain away these occurrences as delusional or wishful thinking.  And while my thoughts on these events may be delusional they are anything but wishful.  I have never been someone who has felt comfortable describing themselves as Psychic, as this is such a loaded and subjective term.  Not that I’ve ever sought the approval of the mainstream.  I’m happy to exist on the fringes, in the shadows.  It’s where I’ve lived my entire life, and I know such terrain intimately.  It’s rather that I see human consciousness and psychology as fundamentally interwoven with esoteric, psychic or fringe phenomena.  And apparently so does the British and United States governments.

I’ve always maintained that any classified military-intelligence initiative will have two interlinked aspects – hardware and software.  Hardware in this context are weapons and technology developed within black or unacknowledged projects.  Software is the infrastructure and administration to support the developing hardware within those projects.  But more importantly, and fundamentally, software in this context is also about the full-scale weaponization of human consciousness.  Openly admitted PSI studies, pharmacological warfare, Remote Viewing projects and the MK-Ultra program conducted by the CIA speak to the legitimacy and veracity of this notion.  Don’t be fooled.  Things like MK-Ultra and PSI research were not abandoned by Western military-intelligence.  Such projects continue, unacknowledged, to this day.  Money is diverted, surreptitiously acquired and literally created from nothing to fund these classified projects.  In the United States many of these experiments are designated Special Access Programs overseen by the Department of Defense and administrated by the NSA, the CIA, and other alphabet agencies tangentially – with the help of huge corporations, many of them acknowledged defense contractors.  It is a vast interconnected web of deceit, espionage and exploitation.  Again, don’t be fooled.  Don’t think the governmental reality of classified ‘black intel’ is essentially noble, essential and protective.  This is not about protecting citizenry from foreign enemies, or protecting the human population in general.  It is about weaponizing the human population, unlocking the mysterious power of our consciousness so that it can be used as hidden advantages within attack strategies and power acquisitions.  The law matters little in this context, and the sanctity of human life matters lesser still.  To the oligarchs and power-elites within the hybrid of military-corporate-banking interests, humanity are simply the pawns in a multidimensional Chess game.  We are walking collateral damage, future landfill.  This isn’t so difficult to understand.  A mere glance at the blood-dimmed public histories of espionage and warfare will expose the truth of what I’m saying. 
History is a lie.  Everything is connected.  While the world of alternative-media conspiracy research might utterly fail in its comprehension of nuance and subtlety – how secrecy and black-ops work in the multi-layered real world – the truth of what is occurring in this world on several fronts is no less phantasmagorical or sinister.  There are pieces of the puzzle alluded to in conspiracy research, Hollywood movies and even ancient mythology, but they are only ever pieces.  Ultimately the puzzle isn’t about UFOs, or alien contact, or inter-dimensional intelligences.  It’s about consciousness at its most fundamental, and its hidden influences upon material and spiritual reality.  This question unlocks all other questions, and exposes nuances and interrelationships between numerous deep mysteries.  And our governments and leviathan corporations indeed have some knowledge of this.  Their knowledge of these numinous matters is perhaps greater than ours, but their knowledge is not complete or omniscient.  They just want us to fear that it is.  They exploit, abuse and desecrate consciousness as they try to weaponize it.  As they try to literally hold that ouroboros of divine fire in their hands.  It’s an extremely dangerous path to tread – fucking with reality at its most intimate level.  Things akin to dark magick can be born from such blind and voracious pursuits.

So, know this.  The power-elites of this world are continuing to funnel vast amounts of money into comprehending how we and you really work, so they can turn this Gnosis to their advantage.  There is a greater reality, a mysterious interconnectivity - where the spiritual is communing with the physical in a host of strange ways.  More of us need to educate and explore and empower ourselves to that strangeness.  Because powerful forces are doing it daily, but using us as the test-subjects, and without our knowledge or consent.  It’s dangerous to peer into the Strange, but it is more dangerous to allow an unknown variable to ghost-write and reimagine your consciousness, and your connection to the Unseen World.

Listen closely.  Think deeper.  Tune In.     

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  1. Raj, dystopian sky, dark beats of the heart. Dennis