Thursday, 8 October 2015


To see someone as they really are, and want them anyway. To want to build wings for them. Yeah, I know what Love is.

For the unrepentantly carnal
For the seekers
For the wild at heart
And always, as ever, for the lovers....


  1. OK, I'm working on a Nic Cage theme post right now too. Your psychic link for the day....

  2. Hey Raj, you are the host of the Amid suns blog roll? That senseless prattle from quantimskunk is very low in anything of importance. Why is it on your blog roll? I have seen the worthless commentary all the way back to Rigorous intuition days. No thing to learn from. Respectfully Dennis

  3. I'm sorry Dennis, I'm not sure what you're referring to. What blog roll???

    1. Amid night suns blogs, that you present, with many good blogs . the Wotie spot and quantum skunk are listed? Pure prattle no thing of interest. The synchromystic blogs. You do host it no? Perhaps someone else does the work of listing many blogs in the Amid night suns blog roll. Cheers, Dennis

  4. Damn it is the invisible suns blog roll, I always thought were the owner of? I must see who host's it. Sorry for the confusing remarks. Dennis

  5. Great footage to intercut with Raj. I've had a lot of imagery in my mind that's similar, going back a few years. The mix of decadence with true love is certainly a high. Cheers.