Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thro' Midnight Streets

I love this city.  London is a strange and haunted place.  It’s terrifying and glorious.  A city of unparalleled power.  Once upon a time it was from here that the Earth was ruled.  But not just the Earth, also the dreamscapes of those who lived upon the Earth.  Perhaps, in ways occulted to us, it still is.  For me, London is a city of dreams and nightmares.  No matter how deeply its filth and macabre history is prettied by modernity and gentrification, the past still howls beneath it all.  Closer to the surface than we think. 
To paraphrase the visionary poet William Blake; harlots still curse at forced subsistence, and blood still runs down palace walls.  The violence of former atrocities never really washes away, and in certain lights can still be seen.  These chartered streets mark sigils, icons and ancient flows of harnessed power.  The Highest in the Land, the predator-elites, they think they created this city, and every blackening church of dreams within it.  Infurnum est ars.  But London is far greater than they are.  My city is irreducible; full of secrets, hidden places.  And magick.  London is magick.  It’s an ancient and dangerous city, and I love it with all my heart.  My soul is bound with London in various ways. 
Like the saltire or X-shaped cross upon which St Andrew was crucified, an icon of which was placed by Christopher Wren above the south transept of St Paul’s Cathedral, London cannot die.  ResurgamI shall rise again.       


  1. Loved this, both words and video. That's the Smoke I know and love.

    (I try to do my bit as a Ragged Mage - I call it Guttershaman, my bro David Southwell calls it Spiv Magic - most recently with this little gathering:

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Cat!

  3. The magic runs deep thru it all my friend- you should ( and I wish you could) feel it here! But you are so right- London the hub since??? You are riding a dragon, maybe THE dragon? I admire your brave heart. I send you my sympathetic superpowers of hope and love and gritty fkn hangin on power. Magic is amoral and who knows how the powers will flow? I vote you Raj. You and your lil next gen superwoman in the growing. We will grow beauty and compassion as best we can and when the astroid fucks up their plans I get a dance with you on the other side! Hey I'm holding you to that anyway.
    How's the salve supply bro?

  4. And merry merry christmas and solstice to you and everyone you love.

  5. The mushroom grannies told me they think we are hilariously stupidly adorable and I hang on to that. They might have been being nice but they cut me that slack.