Monday, 1 August 2016

The Edge of Everything

I’ve always been fascinated by limits, perhaps in much the same way that a child might be fascinated by fairytales.  Simply put, I find the notion of limits, edges and borders spellbinding – but I don’t completely believe in them.  In my world there are thresholds, portals and gates, hidden amidst our everyday tangible realities.  In my world there are ways to breach time and space, to call down powerful spiritual forces, ways to stitch the Earth and Sky together.  I am not merely an epiphenomenon of crude matter.  I am not merely this flesh and this sin. I am lightning in a bottle.  I am irradiated sentient clay – and this clay that makes my form is as sacred as the Innermost Light which animates it.  As an artist my life is an altar upon which I organize and explore my dreams with ever-increasing subtlety. It is upon this altar that I learn what power and magick truly is. It is here in radiant darkness beneath an ageless star that I attempt to peer beyond the horizons imagined by both myself and my brethren.  My friends, if in doing this I am able to kindle even a fragment, an ember, of that holy midnight sun within you, then I consider this altar truly blessed.  You and I, we once stood side by side. We once walked among stars. 


  1. Stunning, Raj.

    I remember the first time I realized we were stardust and that to some degree, it continues to fall around us. I was then drawn to space magic, stunning too, the fodder of inner worlds in relation to the cosmos and beyond to our liminal imaginative processes.

    My first hypnagogic experience was of me looking at the sun from under water. Saw myself then swim to dreamland understanding that I was flying as well. Your film brought it back with such clarity. I'm grateful.