Monday, 12 September 2016

From the Black

The world of the predator-elites is a cesspool, a black hole of desecration and dehumanisation.  Surely we can see this more clearly than ever now, can’t we?  Buffoons and killers auditioning in American political elections, and elsewhere massive global unrest.  Of course we must pay attention to all this lunacy, to stay lucid and current, but I think a large part of our focus must turn inward.  I think the most diligent amongst us are already attempting this.  This has been a very strange year for me.  But then again, 2016 has been a strange fucking year for everybody.

As anyone who regularly follows Amid Night Suns will know, I’m deeply fascinated by transitions, thresholds and liminal states of being.  Edgelands, thin places, window-areas.  As an intuitive I spend much of my time trying to understand the constellation of these places and states.  The act of crossing, changing or transforming is fascinating indeed.  These notions beguile scientists, artists and ritual magicians alike.

I’ve always tried to enrich my comprehension of these themes and notions.  This is a big part of why I continue to produce video-content for this blog.  Apart from the desire to engage and entertain my modest audience, I’m obsessed with juxtaposition, collage, blending and blurring.  The notion that you can have two words, or two images, or two aspects, and by placing them together, or side by side, or in conjunction – an unseen third quality is brought forth as a result.  Ex Nihilo.  Something from nothing.  Magick itself.  That’s why I keep exploring these combinations of sound and image.  What energies live behind the words?  What subtler frequencies are picked up?  What is the gestalt of an assemblage, and why?  I suspect it’s these numinous realms that keep drawing us back to the art.  We hunt the madness in the method, we flirt with the divine.  We call in our shadows and we explore them, because we honour our depths.  Because beneath our social programing, beneath our servitude, we half-remember that we were made for the Edge, made for ethical transgressions into a host of hidden realms.  An unseen magick is cast in the lives of theists and atheists alike, because Anima is everywhere, because consciousness demands association.  I want to comprehend this power that stiches reality together, this force that threads subject to object and nucleus to star.  And this force, if it moves at all, it moves at the speed of thought.  For someone like me these notions are sacred, worthy of deep study.  It’s as close as I can get to flight.       

From the Black from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.


  1. Perhaps not a what. Maybe a who.
    Speed of thought? Perhaps that is just slowing enough to let some stuff catch up. No big deal.
    If the timelike did not sacrifice to the spacelike, there would only be nowhere circles with not up or downlike.
    To travel like that is not rage or sigils or geometry really. Just free will.

    I think that is just like being kicked in the head by the lover while dreaming.
    Probably gets worked into that marriage. I think the two dimensional perception of the living calendar gets broken up.

  2. We have to talk to ourselves in the language of dream. Sometimes to be overheard and sometimes to, ourselves, hear the voice that's always there in the dark. Everything that happens has an edge as does being. I'm certain we're slipping-glimpsing and razor wise.