Friday, 7 October 2016

Keepers of the Flame

When ruined dreamtimes and stygian darkness threaten to claim us, what then?  When our memories and deeds are no longer our own, what might we become?  To hear the howling shriek of wraith-hordes, all of them screaming, “I am not guilty.”  And to know they still won’t take the offered flame.  What is bravery then?  What is purpose?  I can see, and I do remember.  I know there are others out there, brethren who walk with me, through horror, through perdition.  I will not falter, because I know there are those who can still feel the flame.  Those who recall its Light.  It remembers who we were, and who we shall be again.  There is work to be done.  We are the witchcraft.  We serve, eternally.

Keepers of the Flame from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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