Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Looking Glass

Man, this year has been crazy.  Not just for me personally, but for the world.  I’ve tumbled down my fair share of rabbit holes.  I’ve seen things I shouldn’t have seen, things that defy all logic and reason.  But as a psychic and as a human being nothing prepared me for what life had in store this particular year.  We seem to be at a threshold, collectively, don’t we?  The threat of full-scale global war looms on the horizon, and we wonder how our leaders could be so insane.  We wonder how we let them take it this far.  Perhaps we never had any real say in the matter, perhaps their hermetically-sealed empire of oligarchs and predator-elites has roots and sustenance that we cannot ordinarily perceive.

How do you live in a world that flirts dangerously with annihilation?  How do we keep our lucidity and move forward in such a world?  Everything is changing.  Paradigms shudder, tremble and crack.  We feel it, and we noticed the stress-fractures long before this.  I believe that in order to thrive – not merely survive – in this place, we must look beyond our intellectual and emotional comfort zones.  We need to evolve, quickly, beyond the chattel-consciousness we’ve become accustomed to.  Our spiritual submissiveness is now endemic.  If not, how else did we get here?  We must all of us take a long hard look in the mirror, and realize the mirror is a gate.  Who do we want to be?  

It feels like a slow-motion cataclysm, doesn’t it?  But we are still alive, we are still dynamic, even as the collapsing sky plummets closer and closer to earth.  What exists on the other side of our cognition, our religions, sciences and spiritualities? Do we exist there? Can we exist there? Perhaps in some oblique way we exist everywhere.  I believe human consciousness is multidimensional and multifaceted.  As the sociopolitical world spirals out of control these personal, numinous questions are going to become more important than ever.  I believe that we can still have a hand in our destinies, we can still shape our fates.  Even beneath an apparently collapsing sky.  We have foes out there in the black, but we have friends also.  Never forget that.  Sometimes the reflections are watching you when your back is turned. Sometimes the reflections whisper prayers and incantations on our behalf.

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