Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Where Angels Fear

If you’ve ever had a vision, if you’ve ever had intimations about the future, then you know how exhausting and debilitating that kind of sight can be.  You’ll know that our fates are not written in stone, but you’ll also be aware that too often people march like dutiful chattel towards the likeliest and most disempowering probability.  If like me you know that history can be rewritten it’s all the more painful when such opportunities are not taken, or even recognised.  But sometimes people can surprise you.  Sometimes things change even when the most diligent and open-minded can sense only darkness.  Make no mistake, these are dark times.  And more likely than not, they will get darker still.  But even here in this crucible there is light.  Even here there is the potentiality, the opportunity, for real change.  And real change always starts with ourselves, in the arena of our consciousness.  After all, it’s this barely-understood phenomenon that has built our world and our cultures.  And it’s this same consciousness that can rebuild it, if enough of us choose. 

There’s a difference between an apocalypse and an extinction-level event.  We the human race are so used to holocausts, genocides, ethnic cleansings, human-trafficking networks, and other assorted horrors.  But we are not as familiar with truth.  We like to pretend such abhorrent things don’t happen, or else they are appalling anomalies that are few and far between.  But we also know, in our hearts, that this pretence is a lie.  I’ve spoken many times on Amid Night Suns about the proclivities and psychologies of the predator-elites that rule this Earth.  Perhaps now an apocalypse, in the sense of a revealing, an unmasking, is finally beginning to occur in this world.  Many of us can sense the apocalypticism that seems to be in the air right now.  For me, it has little to do with which degenerate elitist rules which country.  It’s so much bigger than that.  I believe we as the human race stand now at a place we have never stood before, at least in recorded human history.  Yes, there have been empires before, dehumanising and oppressive.  But never an empire quite like the one we have all been enslaved by.  It’s an empire of many competing kings, princes, demigods and warlords.  It’s an empire with a hitherto unimaginable industrialized labour-camp that is global in nature; a maintained third-world majority that is desecrated, manipulated and consumed by a first-world minority. And we find ourselves beholden to that minority, even though we outnumber these predator-elites on a massive scale. 

But things are changing.  I know how many of you doubt that, and that you feel as though something profound and integral has been lost.  I am not here to belittle anyone’s losses.  I feel those losses too, acutely.  But I believe that for spiritual emancipation to be more than just a fairytale – or a confection, or an opiate – we have to turn inwards and really explore ourselves.  After all, what else can we even hope to consistently control, if not ourselves and our minds?  Hear this, my friends: space is no guarantee that things will stay the same, and neither is time.  I’ve learned that the hard way.  But I don’t want things to stay the same.  I welcome change.  I demand it.  Prophecy is not what it used to be, and neither is the future.  Here is my highest and most sacred hope – that we collectively and individually recognise the immeasurable source of power that dwells within us all, an unfettered and unconquerable human spirit.  It’s this interior energy, this lucid stewardship of ourselves and each other that will begin to reshape this realm into something more inclusive, something more holistic.  Whether you believe me or not, I have at times used this power to bend the very laws of physics.  There is nothing special about me.  I’ve just been looking and listening for longer than most.  

Friends, do not look to warlords, tyrants, politicians and criminals for answers.  That’s handing them the keys to the kingdom.  These are our keys, and our kingdom – egalitarian, loving, contextually agile and mutually supportive.  That is the world I intend to build.  It’s this mission statement that underpins everything I do on this blog.  I build this world nuance by nuance at the very core of my star, at the heart of my Midnight Sun.  Sometimes I falter.  Sometimes I collapse from the strain.  But I keep building.  These are frightening but liminal times, times of coming change and opportunity.  Realise that you are an immortal spark of Innermost Light, struck off from the divine itself and housed in this temple of flesh.  We have never been here before, but this is not the first time.  We will rewrite our destinies, in something other than slavery, no matter how dark seems the pathless expanse before us.  Move carefully and with purpose, for you are treading on hallowed ground.         


  1. When I was a kid I had nightmares of world war three all the time. Watching distant bombers in the skies. More recently they morphed into alien apocalypses, giant ID4 type motherships in the skies. I wonder if this was simply a product of my cultural programming. but at the same time the are any number of other memes that don't enter my dreams. Maybe we've been programmed from birth with this auto destruct protocol. I just hope it doesn't become a self fulfilling prophecy. I feel like the plan into lapse my own country into a state of anarchy. I hope that's a result of conditioning as well.

    1. Me too, Chris. Let's hope. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. I too recall the "duck and cover" days well. Yet somehow we survived despite the fact that destruction is so easy to imagine and accomplish and creation so hard.

    I've no doubt that a new world is aborning right now. And as tempting as it is to curl up in our holes, there's no hiding from it.

    Thanks for a hopeful post when hope seems so hard to grasp.

  3. Okay, what's your point, though? Like, we all know the elite is ruling, we know this is a lie for which you mentioned...And just started inspirational messages that I'm certain everyone heard of and listened to. "Where angels fear?" This is no where angels will fear, nothing compared to real horrifying era..

    This post isn't necessary, nothing new to be honest. It didn't make a change, change can't be made by notifying people of the elite. Everyone knows about them, but you didn't tell them how to step in and how to stop it....

    Sorry, man. You need constructive criticism, but overall good post. Just not what I was expecting.

    Maybe you'll come to my expectations on future posts.


  4. Uh, thank you for the weirdly backhanded compliment, I guess? Enlighten them. Tell them how to step in and stop it.