Monday, 18 September 2017


Fallen, you wonder where we reside.  I shall tell you.  We reside on the very edge of promise, in telling stones, in mouths of weavers.  We reside in all the hopes of the faithful.  Do you think the kind-hearted are not cherished?  Did you think your dominion of desecration would last forever?  We have come among you.  Your absence idols lie bleeding upon your shattered altar.  What know you of the Magi?  Know you that we have angels in our midst?

To those suffering in darkness, to those righteous voiceless enslaved by monsters, we cry you are not alone.  We Magi tend your wounds.  We give you strength from an authority higher than these desolate archons.  You are not alone, beloved ones.  You shall be delivered from bondage into freedom.  Into the loving arms of your Creator.  Not death, but Life eternal.  Believe.

We Magi are not gods. We are but humble servants, warriors of the Innermost.  Callous Ones, you still don't understand.  Our Mother and Father made us of fire.  Child-killers, wraith-priests, vampire kings, ye pretend. Snakes, ye know nothing of Light.  For we are the true serpent kings, illumined.  And we have been serving God all along.  Holy holy holy

empyrean from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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