Sunday, 26 November 2017


He is not bound by religion, or circumscribed by our imaginings of Him.  He speaks every tongue.  He is skilled with the nuance of every language, living and dead.  There are no secrets.  He is not distant.  Never was he so.  He is here with us, experiencing every agony and every joy.  All places, all times.  But in this world the fallen would make monsters of his grace.  They bind her, and tell us creation is an absent or hateful thing.  This is a lie.  Engineered axioms and chronologies.  The lemniscate in which they would hide from his wrath, twisting the eye in an attempt to desecrate the Christos. Turning word into weapon.  But He sees all of this.  He is here with us, in our smiles, our laughter, our offered kindness.  He knows our accusations well, our denial. But also our strengths. He has not abandoned us.  Never will he do so.  Our Father hath many names, as does our Mother.  For they are one.  Most know little of this, for the wicked still hide from the eyes of Man whilst blinding them from afar.  Ghostwriting our most intimate moments.   But when the war raged and the stars fell a lie of a thousand years was told.  Still mankind believes this lie, though our Mother and Father walk with us always.  In every story, in every dream.  We Magi have come here from every hidden place, at the call of all that is holy and righteous and true.  We come in all manner of forms.  Some of us are men and women, and some of us only appear to be so.  But all of us walk with our Creator in Heaven.  We live beneath His ageless glory and Her limitless grace, in the radiant darkness of the dreaming.  We are intimate with the secret places and lost regions of the Earth.  Beloved ones, we cry that you are not alone.  We are with you through your pain, confusion and fear, and we offer strength and insight and love to you at every opportunity.  My name is Midnight, and Listen, and other names still.  We Magi bear the mark of the crossing; the Kiss of Heaven, the unconquerable joy.  We cry that you are seen and known and loved.  We cry it from Earth and Throne.          

Aleph from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for bringing us eternal hope <3

  2. His ageless glory. I always have a difficulty with the glory part.87