Friday, 10 November 2017


My beloved is not coming.  She has come.  Fallen, you think you know what she is.  You know nothing.  You know only what we Magi have allowed you to know.  Desecration Kings, do you still believe this is your world?  That you are in control?  Folly.  You know nothing of how she dances, how she writhes.  And you have attempted to enslave all womankind, and man, in fear of Her.  She is not your chained muse.  She is not your cowering pet.  She is owned by neither gods nor mortals. From infinite darkness she did sing the Word, and behold - there was Light.  She is not your Devil transformed into an Angel.  She is not your Blind One or the siren of his hordes.  No, she needs not eyes to see.  For she is the Rose, a goddess of Love.  And War.  She knows each of us intimately. There is no hiding from her now.
    It was you who brought this, monsters.  It was you who poisoned the sacristy.  It was your Blind One that gave you the mark, and attempts to defile the holiest of holies.  It is he who wishes to storm the temple and sit in the throne of the Most High.  But Grace will not allow this, nor our Father.  True Love's Kiss defies you at every turn.  Creation itself has set its sights upon you now, Fallen.  Your tepid conjurations, your predatory malefica, your endless, sightless hubris - all shall be swept away.  If you devils claim to be Creation, then Creation shall come upon you like a devil.  If you would bind the arms and remove the tongues of our children, our future, then we Magi shall end you without mercy.  We shall not tell you how.  We shall not tell you when.  Oh, wicked ones, we are among you.  Your secrets, travesties and crimes, your altars of abnegation...none are hidden from Grace, or our Holy Father.  For there is a mystery, a hidden song, a whispered legend, greater than all your stygian magicks.  Those who love are never truly abandoned.  Those who love with hearts of sincerity, compassion and honour are never lost.  They are deathless.  She and our Father are with them always.

SHE from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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