Monday, 9 April 2018

Friends in Need

Hi friends.  Welcome back to Amid Night Suns.  I’ve been thinking a lot about art lately.  That’s nothing new or unusual though.  I’ve spent my life trying to study its mysteries.  To me art is a holy thing.  Anything that offers service and hope is holy to me, and personally speaking there have been times in my life when art was the only thread keeping me alive.  I’m sure you can relate.  How often have we struggled, been traumatised and abused, and then a song or an image restores our faith for a few sacred moments - where we feel a painfully brief flicker of home?    
   “I remember,” we say to ourselves.  “I remember how it felt.  The love and peace and purpose that haunts me like an echo…it was real.” 
   But then the calibrated brutality all around us comes crashing back in and we forget who we were.  Who we still are.  Things of magic and light.  Things of love – wisdom of the Most High.  Cultures differ, but everyone has someone they love.  Someone they would fight for, someone they would try to protect at all costs.  Most of us have families and would fight to protect them, to ensure they have a future worth living.  To ensure their laughter is as effortless as we can make it.  To protect their hearts and their sense of worth, that the light in their eyes only grows and changes but never dims.  Such love is something that makes brothers and sisters of us all. 
   Over the years I’ve made hundreds of videos and posts for this blog, trying to offer the very best of me.  All my love, all my insight.  But I want to take the blog further.  I want to continue making videos and posts for this blog because I truly believe that art can help change things for the better.  It can offer us insight, comfort, passion, solace.  If the art has depth and love enough it can offer us all these things at once.  This is what I’ve tried to show you over the years.  The indivisibility of art and life.  Anyone who has followed the blog regularly for a while will realize that dreams and art fascinate me.  And I have big dreams for this blog.  I want to show you things.  Beautiful, wondrous things that lift your spirit and fill your heart with passion and sweetness and purpose.  I want to offer you the very best of my vision as a writer, poet and video-artist.  But I can’t do it alone. 

I’ve recently set up both a Patreon and Paypal account and would be forever grateful if you considered donating or pledging something.  Links are on the right-hand side of this page.  I work very hard but I live very modestly, and can barely cover my expenses each month.  Any goodwill you might offer will help me devote more time and resources to the blog.  These videos take an extraordinary amount of work and energy from me.  Not just the creating and editing process, but the time and energy it takes to make them really sing.  I present nothing here that doesn’t come directly from my heart.  I really want to continue showing you the true power and beauty of art, which for me is the essence of all spirit.  The dynamism of love in motion.  The unconquerable nature of a love that is shared between sincere hearts.  We don’t have to be perfect to offer the best of ourselves.  We just need sincerity and a little courage.  I intend to travel in the near future.  There are people I want to meet.  Old friendships that must be rekindled.  New friendships waiting to happen.  Any help in achieving this will be forever cherished.  Making art for the people I love is when I’m at my most joyous.  I never want to lose that joy.  I’ve lost precious things before and it almost killed me.  Art is a lifeline for me.  For all of us, I think.  Don’t stop creating.  Don’t stop sharing your art.  Make little sketches, write poems and sing songs.  See the beauty all around you.  Beauty does still exist here, despite the hideous darkness we’re forced to confront each day.  It might sound painfully earnest but images and songs shared between people who genuinely care about each other can change the world.  I really do believe that.  I’m just one guy, a struggling poet.  But I’ll never stop offering the best of myself to you in the words and imagery I present here.  I hope you have felt my sincerity over the years, and my commitment to you.  Never give up.  I love you so much, all of you.

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