Monday, 11 June 2018

All Night

Little trigger, I know I'm scaring you
But I'm doing this
To wake up the care in you
You really should cherish her
Bitch, this is America
We all got the strap
But if we all dead
How the fuck we gon' clap?
We ain't dead

Watching you trippin'
Don't know what to do
I'm just a sweet motherfucking ingenue
Asha, we become you

Y'all still don't know
We chase where the burdens be
We keep knives in our pussies
In case of emergencies
And that blade of light
It can cut through steel
So you really wanna slay
Or heal?
I broke their hour hand
Now it's almost stopped
That knife down there
Is always cocked
Your girl knows it

Circle of life, dummy
There's a source to those glitches
Me and your boss chick
We're both bitches
We become you
We're about to outrun you
So roll the dice
If you've got moves left to play
While we burn your fucking house down
Along the way

I'm all black
All white
All day
All night

Get on your knees
Because prayer is relentless
Me and my girl are about to fuck you, senseless
Or we could just chill
Let you braid our hair
Make up your mind, buddy
We really don't care
About anything but shining bright

Think your swag's on lock?
You're anything but daring
I'm London old money
Why the fuck is you staring?
We done now, Absence?
Ready to start sharing?
Didn't think so

Don't need you to like me
I'm a fucking psychopath
It's that wine on that dine
Angel wrath
This is sorcery
Do the math

I'm a cold-ass bitch
Your girl's a real trigger
We're eight and we're straight
Yeah, full figure
It's really fucking hard
Trying to teach a dumb nigger

You hurt our babies
And we'll cut you up
Little Lilly Loco
Bout to fuck you up
Asha's eyes open, players
It's about to go down
This is America
London Town
Hey hey

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