Sunday 14 October 2018

When Silence is Golden

All your writhe
Those stolen hips
My finger to your swollen lips
Don't stop talking

I can take it
Right to the hilt
Kisses made
Of Catholic guilt

Got your ass where it's supposed to be
A little heathen potpourri
Scented candles
Expensive wax
Built an empire
But pay no tax

(We got this shit on lock, J)

You're so sweet
And I like to chow
The universe
Is softer now

All for One
I'm Trini's Dad
Pinky promise
Make you mad
Greatest lay you ever had
Hush now, beloved

I broke the bricks
In this dirty south
Well-cut diamond
Little mouth

Sex and violence?
Not my style
(Well, it all depends)
We're all pirates on this ship of friends
Aren't we?

Twinge and tease
Prick and sod
Love thy neighbour
Praise thy God

Light and life
Punk and steam
Calculate a better dream
Death is Coming

Some say I'm good
Some say I'm evil
I'll have my people
Call your people

Romance is real
Spinning plates
Just a little married flirting
Save the dates

Knock you out
Or suck you up?
Well, Mama told me
To fuck you Up

Life's a sex tape
I got the stills
I'll raise you up
'Cause kindness kills

All you read
Everything you've heard
Kassi never said a fucking word

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