Tuesday 21 May 2019

Lost Light

Laurels like a canyon
Leaping for my life
Kissing all my best friends
While sleeping with my wife
Only on the inside

Every lover lost
Unfaithful to the bone
Keep it silent, angel
Or else sleep alone
Maiden, Mother, Crone
All such works of art
Oh, to feel a single thing
Is just cheating on my heart

Another girl, another bed
The unknowing living
The grateful dead
Some want to say they need me
But I can't say it back
This bed was made by John
But the house was built by Jack
When I tore my sight to be with you

Weighing hearts
Raising sails
As my eyes fell
From the scales
Wraiths like a wreath
War above
Church beneath
And now

Sculpted hips, shoulders, hands
The scent of star from older lands
Flame eternal
Still burns this skin
Woman inventing man
Inventing sin

Beneath, a friend
She lets me in
But I can't truly do the same
For I am never tame
I love lost light
In imaginary skies
The most

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