Monday 6 April 2020

Holy Ghosts

My machine is time
True love, kissed
Of birthing suns
I saw Father rhyme
In parted mist
Of broken guns
In your window

A world of promise
And living, shining clay
In the image of our ever
We were given Word to say
From love, and of love
And through love

My machine is hopeful
From kindness of all friends
Through every augured rewrite
If means betray the ends
Searching windows here
At the edge of everything

See, I saw ashes of the always
I wept, and ran, and hid
Still, you knew I needed you
Long before I did
Through love, I found
Of love, the ground
For love, the sound

Given Word
And my machine
Now is climbing dream
Spinning raptured
With my letters
Through unconquered light

True's feast of promise
The hallowed way it tasted
Holy ghosts of tender flame
Is wisdom never wasted
If home is still a candle
In your window

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