Thursday 8 October 2020

Song of M'ithriin


M'ithriin, lay your palm upon my breast again.  My reflection in the open of your eye.  Through all storms.  Shrieking, in whisper as the stones call the sea.  From the mountain of binding river to the shore of quenched thirst.  As when all throats need the water.  Please, ancient one.  Be my sight once more.  Show me dancing lights, and softest Seiđr.  Root and star of every beating heart.  Before the hill was cleaved and the tree adorned with wraith. The broken sky beneath our feet.  Hear me now, myriad path.  Upon these tainted grounds I call forth the truest counsel of kiss, and light.  Mother, Father.  Grant me hidden knowledge of unmet tribes and unwalked lands.  Distant brother, distant sister.  Enemy and friend.  Bridge, shield, Elen.  Speak as my tongue beneath all tongues, with healing mara.  Upon the dragon's head and the care of kin.  Eternal are the old songs, M'ithriin.  Eternal is the old song.

Song of M'ithriin from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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