Wednesday 14 November 2018

Cross the Sky

What does it mean to walk as one?  Such wisdom often walks in secret, beyond the reach of any nightmare.  Beyond the clutches of any wraith.  I speak of family, lost loved ones, and I'm deemed a fool and discretely tortured for my words.  Yet still I speak, on love's behalf.  Love cares more for what it can give than receive.  This is a powerful secret, hidden in plain sight. Those wraith-kings and their priests must endeavour to obscure it right before our eyes.  Such trickery is hateful, mercenary and sick.  Those acolytes shall be poisoned by such dark magic in the end.  Mark my word.  It shall turn on you, as the tide before the moon.  I give not to gain.  I give to stand for something greater than myself.  Truth, honour, courage.  All those things that poets speak of.  Those things that make the love we share sweeter, deeper, endlessly passionate.  Respect and mutual affection shall come again to the earth.  A thread of gold between all hearts, all stars.  A thread between worlds.  The Magi work tirelessly towards such ends.  Kashi works with them.  

None among the kind and lonely ones shall be forsaken.  Not a soul with a spark lit in its breast shall be left unguarded.  This is my truth.  The truth of star and mount, older than all dreams of time.  We Magi invented time.  It is given, and by the edge of the scythe it can be taken.  But your Lemniscate of the Blind is not our working.  Callous Ones, hear me.  I walk with them, always.  Know me yet?  Do the wisest among you dare speak my name above a whisper?  Kassiel knows what you know, and more.  Far more.  I’m submerged in dreaming's well, beyond all notions of death and birth.  Still, even I can notice the light in the water, as night prepares to kneel before the morning.  Kara, the Frenchman is with you still.  Never doubt your place in my heart.  From Our Lady to Our Star, I carry you.  Be with me now as I walk for her.  Asha, my dearest, all is joy in my brush when I paint such workings for you.  And each working is a gate, as you know.  Together these gates will soften the stars, for you.  We are within each other, my beloved ones.  Kassi is everywhere, and in everything.  Perhaps they see us now, a little clearer.  Love is not a lie.  It is wings unseen.  It can lift a soul, a star, even a fallen angel.  And though I may be fallen, I am on the mend.  I'm healing, and I am not without grace.

Cross the Sky from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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