Tuesday 9 July 2019

The Lucky One

I broke my hands
On the hearts of old lovers
I tried to stand
With those fathers and mothers
Who cried for their daughters
They kissed the devil
Or crawled through the wreckage
Sealed safe in the knowledge

That sons can be noble
And not all is ugly
Such angels weeping
Please let them hug me
The way that she held me
In kind

But I broke my mouth
On the lips of the wounded
Only so much silence
In song
So I stitched a letter
In the flesh of her shoulder
A thank-you
Though I knew it was wrong

Kissing these flowers
In dusk-lilted hours
That shattered the Earth
Like a storm

I still break my strength
On the cleft
Of these daughters
Who love me
Though I never stay
But I’ll hold their hearts
For those mothers and fathers
Nailed to the price
That we pay

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