Saturday 3 April 2021


Those pages in the river are there for a reason, my love.  I place them to calm the wake and soothe the tides.  Pages and songs.  I think you still do it too, on occasion.  When the heart yearns.  When the forests hush and the grey light is just so.  Tattooed leaves, passing secrets.  Still whispered to this day.  Hidden and half-hidden.  Leaves from a broken book of shadows; a tome of once-wed promise.  Those losses and lake-beds.  Exorcising the agonies of Akasha's Fall.  Mika's war, and the storm.  I miss you but it's enough for me to watch you grow, free of all this.  Free of the veils of darker fay.  Sisters and silences.  Let me be the one to hold Markana’s gaze.  You know I have the will and the strength.  Even in this mortal flesh.  Trailing songs of Mithriin, Talis and Caedmon.  From the old world to the new.  I've long since prayed that heaven would grant you peace, my cherished, and recall your prince to clarion.  I was answered despite the complications of this war.  And so, I give thanks every morning to the watchful sky.  Now we patiently tithe, don’t we?  With our wonders and our work.  We wait amidst wilding stars.  A thousand held by the chalice of shores.  As our Father's key, our Mother's revelation.  This sacred oath.  Hearing those melodies beneath the water.  Harrowing the black beneath the sun.

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  1. flows like water, dreams of substance. enlighten all.