Saturday 4 May 2019

Healing a Heart

Life of a heretic
You know where the cleric is
Taste of that honey
With a touch of the Meredith
Stalk and vine
Stan & the Sea
Bleed to believe
Grace, Ana and Me

I'm not a surgeon
But I'm a doctor of sorts
Watching you wriggle
Right out those shorts
The reports have come in
And we're prepping them, Stat
I'm just a monkey
In a really cool hat

The nurses are better
Imma help 'em make tenure
Hell or high water
It depends where they send ya
I got a flare for the future
Ya wanna come with?
Take it or leave it
I aint sellin' it, kid

My ship has a chapel
So we can pray during light years
Angel on comms
Pullin' the right gears
How to Save a Life
Death caught in a vice grip
All healers on deck
Running a tight ship

Taste of that honey
Like I said

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