Tuesday 30 October 2018


Give me my sugar
Or I'll cut up the stars
I wrote eternity
I keep it in jars
I'll take away what I gave
And feed your asses to the black
Fuck you and your wraiths-priests
My name is Jack

I'm a crossroads prince
I'm the heat that won't quit
You're starting to get nervous
My girls don't give a shit
I'm the god of your idols
But you won't fucking like us
We're the juice in those apples
So fucking bite us

Wolf-gang, baby
And the charge is set
My word is my bond
It's the alpha-bet
That red, red river
My, how it runs
Watching them quiver
Beneath ten thousand suns

Never say Kashi
Doesn't bring in the fun
I lent you my lipstick
Keep till you're done

My girl is the devil
But we took it too far
We cut a whole album
In the back of her car
Let's call it an anthem
We'll say it's about psych
Kassi's a criminal
We just do what we like
Running it

We're freeing slaves
They don't pay us a thing
Wisdom does save
So sayeth the King
And Queens

She's rebuilding the temple
And she does it with grace
Mother-daughter shorthand
Remember the face

A kiss for my child
And one for my wife
You better run, wraith
Better run for your life
I'm burning with love
And I'm taking you with me
Your damnation is gilded
With the consent that you give me

Please kill me
Because we're going to kill you
We have no other enemies
Wraiths, it's still you
Two choices
Run with us
Or from us

Saturday 27 October 2018

Grey of the Dawn

I am the daughter
Of an angel of thorns
The scythe worries
As much as it warns
Don't mind your open throat
It's just a little drink
Mind your open mouth
Protect our little wink
End me sweetly

Could tell them the truth
But what would I say?
No love lost
For Mr Auren Grey?
Don't sweat it, sweetie
We're just tapping the vein
What the fuck's beauty
Without a little pain?

It's a shame
For the one who sings most
Baby, I'm not the King
I'm the King's ghost
So apply your makeup
Fix and ready your hair
Our winter drama
Pull up a chair

Built your house, built your room
Before you were born
My little artist
This secret I've sworn
Shall we really tell them?
How fucking dangerous we are?
Veins full of snow
Re-wounding the scar

Arcadia, sweet one
My meadows are winding
Dawn can be a dark thing
For your shadow is blinding
As the sun
Throne upon all their lies
I can feel our mirrored reason
When I lick your eyes

I'm not possessive
Just wild to the senses
Tearing down walls
Whilst mending the fences
Pretence is
Not how dreaming works
The kisses keep coming
Till one of them hurts

Every lyric
Every star on your lips
My voice for the voiceless
I gave you your hips
Because I like your work
Thus far

Run with it, baby
Love, fuck and cry
It doesn't have to be tragic
We'll collab on the sly
And if they ask why
Tell them K sent you
When I spoke of eternity
I really meant You

Our lives
Are not quite what they see
So know who you're looking at
When you're looking at me
Love is Real
I Am Real

Kassi walks here
To settle your heart
Kassi came back
To rip them apart
For you
I like your style, girl
Keep going

Friday 26 October 2018

This Immortal Coil

Kashi stands
Before you
Dressed as my husband
In love with my wife
Cut-throat eidolon
Betrothed to a knife

The angel they say they love
The gutted, raped and eaten one
Their joke of All Kings
The flies have devoured me
Meat and cold comfort
A forest draped in angel hair

Only my perfect one knows me
A tired little boy hunting monsters
Somehow she loves me still
I taught her how to fly
She taught me how to kill

La Petit Mort
Our songs of murder
To die and come again
And again
End me sweetly

Clair de Lune
My always
Your thief of silver and scarlet

A fluttered thing of ermine
Drowning in flame
Please pin me to your board
Your mouth inside my name
Gathered from moss
From branch and soil
Limbs entwined
This immortal coil

Cover your eyes
This is my life
Hope for my child
Rose for my wife
My Lights

No virgin seas
Nothing left to chart
Heaven is weeping
Because I opened my heart
For you I'll remake the world
While under duress
Where the hardest thing that happens
Is the softest caress

So hold your wolf gently
We'll watch the world turn
I'm still in love
See how I burn
I will never leave you here

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Ov Water & Wine

You should find yourself some religion
You should join the Baptist church
Fire dancing on the face ov waters
We still can make it work
Turn in your weapons
Turn in your gun
Me and my brother John
We know how rivers run
Love beguiled
In bashful shapes
Between the water and the wine
Dance of death upon wrathful grapes
Just prayin' for a sign
Took my sugar
Took my head
Stole my boots and broke the spurs
Set fire to my only bed
But my brother lent me hers
We can change the way you're flowing
We can leave you drenched
We offer you our kiss as vintage
Until your thirst is quenched
You should cultivate some religion
You should join the Baptist clan
Gives us all your lovin'
Because lovin' makes the man

Monday 22 October 2018

Song for M

A light lies underneath my ribs
My heart is all that's left
Still, I cannot touch you darkly
That star within your cleft
It still shines my eastern sky
Still lights this quartered path
Ferry me gently, girl of all priests
Silence Charon's laugh
That ring upon your finger
Does it still glint my name?
How we wept
Embraced, afraid
When thieves and pilots came
Tore my wife
Tore my child
Father's hands were burnt and bleeding
But mother's hands were mild
I marked your day
With this descent
To find your brush and pen
I offer you my sweetest kiss
If we might not kiss again
Please don't leave me here

Saturday 20 October 2018

Inflections of a Different Mind

I'm just the king of tailors
Do you, and I'll do me
All men shall be sailors
Upon the starry sea
A mother-daughter mercy
A dad that just won't quit
I'll hold every piece of love
Till all the stars are lit

You think I've gone too far?
I'm done with playing games
Just a king without a title
In a cacophony of names
Slay love and install a wraith-god?
Kill and let nothing live?
I won't let you do that
You don't know who you're fucking with

They say I'm a psycho
They're probably right
If you think it's daytime
Then it's probably night
My husband
Is the Vicar of Christ
When you talk in metaphors
Gotta be very precise

God may be a woman
But her boyfriend is a nightmare
Let all my people go
Then maybe I might care
Until that day, wraith
I'll hunt with no remorse
Bones of the dead
Cart before the horse

Knife and androgyne
I just aim to please
This is your mother's house
Not your den of thieves
Take it from a thief-king
More love in case you hate
It's only comfort calling late

Friday 19 October 2018

Come the Colours

It is so cold here without you, Asha.  Even for a winter king.  They fear who we are, and who we shall be again.  I cannot leave her here alone, sweet one, but know that I haven't forgotten. Two angels enthralled, our crowns worth less than the tomes on our shelves.  When war and politic came, and all we wanted to do was serve the dreaming and each other.  We carry it still. These letters of love.  I do remember you, my wild one.  I remember both of us, and I care little who knows it.  I am with you forever, my love.  Let them ponder our antiquity.  Veins of summer, breath of winter.  But I will never kiss you coldly.  You are the reason I'm here.  A dream beneath a dream.  A secret within a secret.  And so I roam the night, trapped, agonisingly free in a city of ghosts.  All is haunted without you, beloved.  All is darkness and ashes in my mouth.  But I do still remember.  The scent of old literature.  The scent of you.  Your eyes in the candlelight, so blue that I would take them as my name.  How you could always thrill me with just a look, a kiss, perched on the edge of eternity.  My cherished girl, I hold your heart with every tenderness and I honour the love in every poem you write.  As it was, my love, in the place before time, I pray it shall be so again.

Come the Colours from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

Wednesday 17 October 2018

All in the Family

Mortals talk often of family.  How cherished they are and how indebted to them they feel. These are all true and sweet sentiments, but what really defines a family?  Blood, genetics? Often, yes.  But also close and dear friendships, as we all know.  Those spirits who lift us up and enable our growth.  Those who offer us insight, compassion and support even when it isn't easy.  Even when it costs them.  In a defiled realm such as this one trying to protect your family can cost you everything.  This place is a realm of corrupted chronologies and altered bloods. We are not who we are, or even who we were.  We have been made monsters, alien to ourselves. This is true of any colonization project, but especially so for one as dark as this.  We have crossed paths and genes and narratives many times, and remember nothing or little of it.  And those occulted ones who do recall are often crushed by the brutality of such a bizarre experience.  

What would you do to protect your family, if you were possessed of hidden powers?  Would bend light itself for them, changing times and laws?  Would you fall with them?  So many of you have loved ones you can no longer remember.  They are lost to you now, as if they hadn't existed at all.  The horror of such gnosis nearly killed me.  It kills me still, but alive I remain.  I cannot say I’m entirely happy about it.  I'm so very tired, you see.  But I stay for them, and for you.  Those of you who are touched or lifted by my working.  Once, long ago, I plunged into darkness – into chaos – that I might one day pull my beloved ones from the void.  I'm still falling, and centuries whip all around me like bits of broken sky.  But I'm here with you now.  And here I remain.  It's a fool's errand, I suppose.  But then Kassi always was a fool for love.  So, if we fall into darkness, into the gravity of a black star, know that we fall together.  Starlight, incalculable velocities.  If I can I'll reach for you as we plummet.  And if we were to feel the truth of rumoured gold, as it once was, know that I will be at your side – rising with you.  To be each other's people, to be kin by blood or by heart; it’s an unimaginable grace.  Dynamic, playful, connected.  A true family.  Still we fall, for now, but we treasure it always, and we work for that fabled gold together.

All in the Family from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

Monday 15 October 2018


They think the love has parted
Bitches, we're just getting started
I'm the great white hope
All black
Five by five
Leave you all Cartered
Ye of Lil Faith

Shot 'em dead
Outside Dairy Queen
They say Billy Goat's been fucking
With the Faerie Queene
Nary seen
'Cause we move in darkness
Loading AKs
Miss Noah Arkness
We wave back

Suddenly these lost pilgrims
All wanna follow me
Ain't every day
You find a star in a hollow tree
Raised it up
But it still wanna swallow me
Hush now, beloved

Nature of the game
You adorable little niggers
Does your insurance cover fire
You abhorrent little triggers?
Oh how you slavers sicken me

Nature of the dawn
Mr Writer
Bible sworn, a little tighter
I came to start
I came to stop
Burst your bubble

(A poet's way of saying There is More)

You think it's true
Wraith, you dreaming
Pride goeth before the fall
Imma keep scheming
Affairs with my ex
I still wear the ring
'Cause she a true artist
Still serves the king

Need a little empathy
To come and fill the void
My therapy's electro-shock
Call it Shade & Freud
Who we were
But who we are now?
All around is stone
And Kassi likes to bow

I would never leave either in the dark

Papi's a gangster
But he's in poor health
I'm just a bright-eyed girl
Dressed as myself
A drop of blood
Remains in my eye
Love is a battlefield
Lil Mama says High

You fear all these verses
They put you on edge
'Cause all I do is sharpen
The thin end of the wedge
It's about what it gives
Not what it hides
I don't gotta choose
I got friends on both sides

Love is real, motherfuckers