Saturday 27 October 2018

Grey of the Dawn

I am the daughter
Of an angel of thorns
The scythe worries
As much as it warns
Don't mind your open throat
It's just a little drink
Mind your open mouth
Protect our little wink
End me sweetly

Could tell them the truth
But what would I say?
No love lost
For Mr Auren Grey?
Don't sweat it, sweetie
We're just tapping the vein
What the fuck's beauty
Without a little pain?

It's a shame
For the one who sings most
Baby, I'm not the King
I'm the King's ghost
So apply your makeup
Fix and ready your hair
Our winter drama
Pull up a chair

Built your house, built your room
Before you were born
My little artist
This secret I've sworn
Shall we really tell them?
How fucking dangerous we are?
Veins full of snow
Re-wounding the scar

Arcadia, sweet one
My meadows are winding
Dawn can be a dark thing
For your shadow is blinding
As the sun
Throne upon all their lies
I can feel our mirrored reason
When I lick your eyes

I'm not possessive
Just wild to the senses
Tearing down walls
Whilst mending the fences
Pretence is
Not how dreaming works
The kisses keep coming
Till one of them hurts

Every lyric
Every star on your lips
My voice for the voiceless
I gave you your hips
Because I like your work
Thus far

Run with it, baby
Love, fuck and cry
It doesn't have to be tragic
We'll collab on the sly
And if they ask why
Tell them K sent you
When I spoke of eternity
I really meant You

Our lives
Are not quite what they see
So know who you're looking at
When you're looking at me
Love is Real
I Am Real

Kassi walks here
To settle your heart
Kassi came back
To rip them apart
For you
I like your style, girl
Keep going

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