Monday 15 October 2018


They think the love has parted
Bitches, we're just getting started
I'm the great white hope
All black
Five by five
Leave you all Cartered
Ye of Lil Faith

Shot 'em dead
Outside Dairy Queen
They say Billy Goat's been fucking
With the Faerie Queene
Nary seen
'Cause we move in darkness
Loading AKs
Miss Noah Arkness
We wave back

Suddenly these lost pilgrims
All wanna follow me
Ain't every day
You find a star in a hollow tree
Raised it up
But it still wanna swallow me
Hush now, beloved

Nature of the game
You adorable little niggers
Does your insurance cover fire
You abhorrent little triggers?
Oh how you slavers sicken me

Nature of the dawn
Mr Writer
Bible sworn, a little tighter
I came to start
I came to stop
Burst your bubble

(A poet's way of saying There is More)

You think it's true
Wraith, you dreaming
Pride goeth before the fall
Imma keep scheming
Affairs with my ex
I still wear the ring
'Cause she a true artist
Still serves the king

Need a little empathy
To come and fill the void
My therapy's electro-shock
Call it Shade & Freud
Who we were
But who we are now?
All around is stone
And Kassi likes to bow

I would never leave either in the dark

Papi's a gangster
But he's in poor health
I'm just a bright-eyed girl
Dressed as myself
A drop of blood
Remains in my eye
Love is a battlefield
Lil Mama says High

You fear all these verses
They put you on edge
'Cause all I do is sharpen
The thin end of the wedge
It's about what it gives
Not what it hides
I don't gotta choose
I got friends on both sides

Love is real, motherfuckers

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