Sunday 7 October 2018

'Neath the Barrow

'Neath the barrow
Lost boy dead
All that fame
Went straight to his head
Silver platter
Golden pews
Greatest ever was?
Paparazzi news
Heart is willing
Flesh is weak
Sixteenth century blues
Never speak

Enigmatic whispers
All you know of me
Kings and queens
Death and war
Lots of silly poetry
I didn't make the world
Love, I only scanned it
Once a time
I met this girl
Pent up iambic
My One

So tired now
More than I've ever been
So hopeful
More than ever seen
London's jazzman is evergreen
Ba-dum tish

'Neath the barrow
The lost girl lives
Am I the only one
With fucks to give?
Centred in darkness
Screaming for light
All of this dreaming
Went straight to her sight
My Star

A thousand glow
Twinned hearts
Arousing slow
"Just let me go
It fucking hurts.
But they brought me back
To build a church."

That little miracle
That long, long mile
But I never really gave a damn
About guile
My One


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