Tuesday 30 October 2018


Give me my sugar
Or I'll cut up the stars
I wrote eternity
I keep it in jars
I'll take away what I gave
And feed your asses to the black
Fuck you and your wraiths-priests
My name is Jack

I'm a crossroads prince
I'm the heat that won't quit
You're starting to get nervous
My girls don't give a shit
I'm the god of your idols
But you won't fucking like us
We're the juice in those apples
So fucking bite us

Wolf-gang, baby
And the charge is set
My word is my bond
It's the alpha-bet
That red, red river
My, how it runs
Watching them quiver
Beneath ten thousand suns

Never say Kashi
Doesn't bring in the fun
I lent you my lipstick
Keep till you're done

My girl is the devil
But we took it too far
We cut a whole album
In the back of her car
Let's call it an anthem
We'll say it's about psych
Kassi's a criminal
We just do what we like
Running it

We're freeing slaves
They don't pay us a thing
Wisdom does save
So sayeth the King
And Queens

She's rebuilding the temple
And she does it with grace
Mother-daughter shorthand
Remember the face

A kiss for my child
And one for my wife
You better run, wraith
Better run for your life
I'm burning with love
And I'm taking you with me
Your damnation is gilded
With the consent that you give me

Please kill me
Because we're going to kill you
We have no other enemies
Wraiths, it's still you
Two choices
Run with us
Or from us

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