Friday 26 October 2018

This Immortal Coil

Kashi stands
Before you
Dressed as my husband
In love with my wife
Cut-throat eidolon
Betrothed to a knife

The angel they say they love
The gutted, raped and eaten one
Their joke of All Kings
The flies have devoured me
Meat and cold comfort
A forest draped in angel hair

Only my perfect one knows me
A tired little boy hunting monsters
Somehow she loves me still
I taught her how to fly
She taught me how to kill

La Petit Mort
Our songs of murder
To die and come again
And again
End me sweetly

Clair de Lune
My always
Your thief of silver and scarlet

A fluttered thing of ermine
Drowning in flame
Please pin me to your board
Your mouth inside my name
Gathered from moss
From branch and soil
Limbs entwined
This immortal coil

Cover your eyes
This is my life
Hope for my child
Rose for my wife
My Lights

No virgin seas
Nothing left to chart
Heaven is weeping
Because I opened my heart
For you I'll remake the world
While under duress
Where the hardest thing that happens
Is the softest caress

So hold your wolf gently
We'll watch the world turn
I'm still in love
See how I burn
I will never leave you here

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