Wednesday 17 October 2018

All in the Family

Mortals talk often of family.  How cherished they are and how indebted to them they feel. These are all true and sweet sentiments, but what really defines a family?  Blood, genetics? Often, yes.  But also close and dear friendships, as we all know.  Those spirits who lift us up and enable our growth.  Those who offer us insight, compassion and support even when it isn't easy.  Even when it costs them.  In a defiled realm such as this one trying to protect your family can cost you everything.  This place is a realm of corrupted chronologies and altered bloods. We are not who we are, or even who we were.  We have been made monsters, alien to ourselves. This is true of any colonization project, but especially so for one as dark as this.  We have crossed paths and genes and narratives many times, and remember nothing or little of it.  And those occulted ones who do recall are often crushed by the brutality of such a bizarre experience.  

What would you do to protect your family, if you were possessed of hidden powers?  Would bend light itself for them, changing times and laws?  Would you fall with them?  So many of you have loved ones you can no longer remember.  They are lost to you now, as if they hadn't existed at all.  The horror of such gnosis nearly killed me.  It kills me still, but alive I remain.  I cannot say I’m entirely happy about it.  I'm so very tired, you see.  But I stay for them, and for you.  Those of you who are touched or lifted by my working.  Once, long ago, I plunged into darkness – into chaos – that I might one day pull my beloved ones from the void.  I'm still falling, and centuries whip all around me like bits of broken sky.  But I'm here with you now.  And here I remain.  It's a fool's errand, I suppose.  But then Kassi always was a fool for love.  So, if we fall into darkness, into the gravity of a black star, know that we fall together.  Starlight, incalculable velocities.  If I can I'll reach for you as we plummet.  And if we were to feel the truth of rumoured gold, as it once was, know that I will be at your side – rising with you.  To be each other's people, to be kin by blood or by heart; it’s an unimaginable grace.  Dynamic, playful, connected.  A true family.  Still we fall, for now, but we treasure it always, and we work for that fabled gold together.

All in the Family from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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