Tuesday 23 October 2018

Ov Water & Wine

You should find yourself some religion
You should join the Baptist church
Fire dancing on the face ov waters
We still can make it work
Turn in your weapons
Turn in your gun
Me and my brother John
We know how rivers run
Love beguiled
In bashful shapes
Between the water and the wine
Dance of death upon wrathful grapes
Just prayin' for a sign
Took my sugar
Took my head
Stole my boots and broke the spurs
Set fire to my only bed
But my brother lent me hers
We can change the way you're flowing
We can leave you drenched
We offer you our kiss as vintage
Until your thirst is quenched
You should cultivate some religion
You should join the Baptist clan
Gives us all your lovin'
Because lovin' makes the man

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