Saturday 20 October 2018

Inflections of a Different Mind

I'm just the king of tailors
Do you, and I'll do me
All men shall be sailors
Upon the starry sea
A mother-daughter mercy
A dad that just won't quit
I'll hold every piece of love
Till all the stars are lit

You think I've gone too far?
I'm done with playing games
Just a king without a title
In a cacophony of names
Slay love and install a wraith-god?
Kill and let nothing live?
I won't let you do that
You don't know who you're fucking with

They say I'm a psycho
They're probably right
If you think it's daytime
Then it's probably night
My husband
Is the Vicar of Christ
When you talk in metaphors
Gotta be very precise

God may be a woman
But her boyfriend is a nightmare
Let all my people go
Then maybe I might care
Until that day, wraith
I'll hunt with no remorse
Bones of the dead
Cart before the horse

Knife and androgyne
I just aim to please
This is your mother's house
Not your den of thieves
Take it from a thief-king
More love in case you hate
It's only comfort calling late

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