Saturday 8 June 2019


I feel your heart calling
Forever I'm falling
For you
My heart like a moth
At the flame of your song
Trembling in the all of your eyes
Leaning out for love

Shy like a boy
Wild like a king
Don't be sad
I heard you sing
The night is sweet
With purpose now

It matters little
That we couldn't say those powerful things
Seeds and stars and rings
Like diamonds since our youth
We already know

A touch, an embrace
Brief and true
Me and you
I can feel the harbours glimmer
With lost light
Blue and open and holding me
Holding Sea

You're beautiful when you're shy
Am I?
To feel, within
Healed with skin
And clasp
At last
I am Home

1 comment:

  1. You know all I know about you is you like the X-Files. If it wasn't for Secret Sun... I probably would know nothing about this site.

    In the middle of all this Suzanne. Haven't heard in a million years. But the language Cohen was speaking in this song is of the same cloth you have woven into this stuff of yours. I find I like your stuff without quite understanding what is going on...

    That can be good too... like hearing the Sasquatch speak, not knowing what he is saying, but its gotta be good, its gonna be interesting no matter what...

    I know you have a deep appreciation of the X-Files... not a normal one. Anyway... I am not going anywhere. I am stranded with Suzanne right now. Good enough.