Thursday 30 January 2020

Finding Sakura

The delicate hands of a lover.  To be searched, taken and known.  Firmly, passionately, gently. Rapture and cascade, of flesh like an instrument.  The music of clasp and bloom.  Wild one, I have been those hands.  Forever.  And here. From song to star to soil.  Dreaming, knowing, yet never as it was.  We are the legacy now, and more.  Petal, garden and wing.  I have loved you in the open and the hidden, for what else am I if not yours?  Shining mirror, devoted.  The gate is your blooming, sweetheart.  Entirely.  Your skin is with my skin, if you allow, and I am lost no longer.  I weep gladly in secret grey.  More than this, or that.  As I speak or write your hands.  Your kiss upon my wounded, that brought me back to grace.  And life.  This budding spring, and scent.  This brief tremble of mortality.  Blow o wind, to the crescent of her dreaming.  Repose, healing, by the light of the poet's moon.  Bless her path, of branch and sea.  The blossom, the cherry, the tree.

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