Sunday 21 June 2020

The Sky is a Name

Away, from lost light.  You were stitching new letters in the gauntlet of learning my tongue.  An open shoulder, an offered palm.  Still rebuilding the church of our dreaming.  Place of the broken river, where high tides reach our knees.  There were cloisters flooded.  A forgotten chapel of all waters.  Only a few know of those rivers hidden in smoke beneath the sea.  Every disarticulated star.  Demons.  And the death of all demons.  That terrifying hush of the fractal seething.  Ashen like a silent winter wonderland.  When all my children became pale ghosts amidst the wreckage.
   Those endless days we grieved like tempests of heaven.
   But I had work to do.  Didn't I? 
   I think of these young witches who sweetly steal my hands again, like maidens in the mist.  We three kings of this unspoken tree.  Beloved, I need you to understand.  How you kissed me once upon a dream, at the very end, when you understood.  We tried to build a new home after the hush, didn't we?  Forged from the living memory of Joshua's earth.  A kinder, warmer place.  I watch you struggling, tired though you are.  Still flooding the mirror with a sweeter dreaming.  Our sunken, twilit altar.  Stealing my ravages, that I might rest awhile.  My beloved one.  I see how much you care, despite your flaws.  Such care never goes unnoticed, or unappreciated.  But you can never steal enough for the quiet and the trine. 
   Just know me, know yourself, and be an emissary whom all wraiths fear. 
   There is healing enough in that, Ka'shayel. 
   I assure you.
   I've always been here.  Stitching new letters.  Kenning the weave, as I did on the last of the oldest days.  The day you were broken and born.  The sky is a name, my love.  And it weeps the word like a wedding band.  Hewn from a hollow tear.  Hidden in veil of moths, standing in gown of grey light; a circle of salt upon its finger.  We ventured then, in the delicate fury of new romance.  Like angels, and the birth of all angels.  In every vault of cloud awaits a secret reign.  A way back towards articulated starlight.  Oh, my sweet prince.  Don't be afraid.  She is with me, and I am with each and every.  Remember their kindness, and their courage.  I'll make a king of them yet.

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